Horribly slow computer

  DIYgirl 13:41 19 Sep 2007

I've got a pretty fast computer (according to My Computer, it's a Pentium 4 with a 3.2Ghz CPU and 2.49 GB of RAM).

I noticed it was slowing down so I ran Avast anti-virus, a couple of spyware programs, and then defragmented the hard drive, which took ages. Since then, it's still slow. I've tried running Dragon Dictate today (v8, Preferred) and it's awful--almost unusable, and usually I get good results with it. Pretty much everything else is slow too.

Any ideas what else I can do to speed things up a bit?

  Technotiger 13:45 19 Sep 2007

Try a Registry Cleaner ... click here

  RobCharles1981 13:52 19 Sep 2007

And also check your startup program list in msconfig untick the ones u don't need ect.

  alfredgerald 13:52 19 Sep 2007

Try Control, Alt and Delete at the same time. Check which process is using all your CPU. You may be able to close it if it is not one you require. Be careful not to close one that is required to run your PC

  DIYgirl 13:53 19 Sep 2007

Last time I tried a registry cleaner I had to take my computer to someone else to clear up the damage it caused. I have NO idea what I'm doing! Any hints?

  DIYgirl 13:54 19 Sep 2007

"And also check your startup program list in msconfig untick the ones u don't need ect."

Um--how do I find that? Sorry to be so dense.

  alfredgerald 13:59 19 Sep 2007

In Run,type msconfig

  birdface 14:06 19 Sep 2007

Speed Test.click here try,Network Connections, right click Local Area connection and press repair.See if that shows anything.Or like alfredgerald says check task manager,Processes, and under CPU system Idle process should be showing about 97% if not let us know what program is using a high % of CPU.If using a Modem, Turn it off at the main for 20 seconds then turn it on and leave for 2 minutes before you use your computer.What Firewall are you using.Check Device Manager to make sure that there is no yellow exclamation marks beside any of your Devices,You can try Winaso Registry Optimizer trial version.click here it only repairs 10 items at a time,But you can run it as often as you like,It also has a Registry Defrag on it that you can use and its very quick.

  birdface 14:09 19 Sep 2007

Can you do a System Restore to a date before you had the problems.

  norman47 14:39 19 Sep 2007

" "And also check your startup program list in msconfig untick the ones u don't need ect."

Um--how do I find that? Sorry to be so dense. "

start, run and type msconfig, as above click here and OK.

Then un-tick all except any anti virus or third party firewalls you have. click here apply and OK. It will ask you to reboot. When windows has reloaded it will tell you it is running in diagnostic mode. you put a tick in the box in the bottom left to not show this window again.

See how it runs now.

If you find that you want a specific program to start when windows does, go back and put a tick in the box for that program. Go through the same proceedure.

  Technotiger 14:53 19 Sep 2007

Another point, if you have Adobe Reader8 among your programs, this can be a source of making your PC verrrry sloooowww. The Adobe Reader8 updater in Windows Task Manager (accessed by holding down Ctrl/Alt/Del on your keyboard) can hog up to 99% of the CPU, look under Processes tab in Windows Task Manager. Unfortunately, as far as I know, the only way to get rid of Adobe Updater in processes is to un-install Adobe Reader8 using Control Panel>Add/Remove.

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