littlestan 08:35 24 May 2009

Hi everyone

PLEASE can you help me. I have got a horrible red sheild with white cross AGAIN. I have updated Avast by re-registering after my trial time as was suggested last time i had this problem a couple of weeks ago which was successful and was told by avast that all was ok for the next 12 months and it got rid of the sheild that time - but its back again!

My message says:
"Avast antivirus reports that it might be out of date. Avast antivirus has not provided security center with a program to fix the issue"

Then i click onto on to another screen section to tell me what to do and gives three options:
1. Go online to get a different program
2. I have antivirus and will monitor myself. Choose this program if antivirus prog cannot report status to security center. You will not be notified about state of antivirus prog.
3. Do not monitor my antivirus (not recommended)".

Sorry to be long winded but this is really annoying as cant remember this occuring all the time when i had AVG. PLEASE HELP and put me out of my misery - and I have earache and this is making it worse!

My system is VISTA and i have a basic HP lappy.

Thanks everyone.

  Zurdo 09:27 24 May 2009

I get this same warning sometimes using Vista and Avast. I know Avast is up to date so just ignore the warning and it usually disappears etc. if I reboot or right click it and close it. Wouldn't worry about it really.

  birdface 09:46 24 May 2009

Try control panel.Security center.On the left change the way security center warns me.And just untick them all.Ok.That will stop the warning appearing .

  littlestan 10:43 24 May 2009

thanks both - just pesky little thing that worries me as I use internet banking like shed loads of others and it just freeks me out a bit that i am not protected. i get my chap telling me avast is updated when i wake up the pc so hopefully all is well and i will ignore the little blighter. it has gone off now as i shut down and up again.

many thanks. ls

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