Horrible ongoing problem with text...Can you help?

  AdventCalendar 20:59 22 Jan 2003
  AdventCalendar 20:59 22 Jan 2003


I'll try my best to explain this in the 1st instance, but please bear with me.

When i type articles on Word XP and paste them onto certain web sites certain punctuation marks show up to other people as almost jibberish on their screens, but look o.k to me on mine. The punctuation marks causing the problems are " & ', and quite a few off the list of special symbols that word has [such as the copyright mark or trademark symbol]...an example is the word didn't. On word XP, when you type the word didnt, it automatically corrects the grammar, therefore putting a ' between the n and the t. After ive pasted it onto sites, it shows to other people as things like this "did%&t" or "did^&t" :-(

Vice-versa, when i read certain things on websites, there are certain articles or sections that must have been pasted on there from other people and they show their punctuations on my PC as little square boxes, but look o.k to them...

Ive checked it all out by checking the problems on my computer in work, and the problem doesnt exist on that.

Its starting to really annoy me, as its been happening now for about 6 months.

Can anyone, please, please help???

Ive tried a number of things:

- deleting fonts
- turning the auto correction facility off [this stops my text showing as errors, but doesnt stop me from seeing little boxes on other peoples text.
- language settings
- keyboard config, although i believe there is more i can do with this?? [someone advised me, that there may be conflict between my keyboard and XP??? is this right/possible???]
- Ive also tried just pasting my text from XP into notepad, and then onto the site, but this still doesnt help.

People have said, just use notepad...but this just makes a complete waste of word, and the money i have spent for it!!!

any help and/or advice would be gratefully appreciated....


  Tazfan 21:17 22 Jan 2003

What font are you using? Try using Times New Roman, and see if it still does it. It is my experience that certain "non mainstream" fonts cause the problem you describe.

Good luck, T:-)

  Lone Crow 21:19 22 Jan 2003

Can't (hope that shows okay!) solve your problem but can comment. When you hit a key on your keyboard it sends a code to the software that is not set in concrete but can be interpretted in any way at all by the software depending upon the design. With word processors there is a 'convention' that sees to it that the codes are usually interpretted with the same values, so long as the keyboard type and language are set correctly, but for some reason there are codes in your text that can be misinterpretted or even not recognised at all. When a code is not recognised the software will often substitute another symbol, leading to the kind of gibberish you are complaining about. Not all versions of Word are the same, so possibly there are clashes that cause the symptoms, I don't know - all I can say is that some versions of Word cannot be read by other versions, so maybe there are differences in code interpretation, possibly. The same might be happening when the text is translated into hypertext mark-up language (HTML) for the website. Alternatively, you may be using corrupted software that appears to work okay but produces these glitches - have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Word (or doing a 'repair' reinstall) just in case? Might be worth trying. LC.

  Gongoozler 21:20 22 Jan 2003

Hi AdventCalendar, I don't think this is a keyboard conflict, or anything like that. I think it is more likely to be a problem in converting to/from html. As I don't know anyting about Word XP or HTML, I won't make any guesses, but at least I've pushed your thread back to the top.

  AdventCalendar 21:23 22 Jan 2003

I tried a repair install last week to no joy :-(

Tazfan...Ive thought about that, but by changing the deafult text on word, it wont affect the text im reading from other people will it???

  AdventCalendar 21:25 22 Jan 2003

cheers mate :-)

  AdventCalendar 11:52 23 Jan 2003


  Patr100 12:18 23 Jan 2003

Try using Notepad for typing and pasting in to websites instead. - it's got less hidden coding which may be causing the problem in Word.

  Patr100 12:20 23 Jan 2003

By the way, when you say you "paste them into certain websites" are you pasting into a webpage field or are you building a webpage and uploading it?

  AdventCalendar 20:44 23 Jan 2003


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