horrendous noise on startup

  palinka 21:42 15 Sep 2007

AcerAspire 1310 laptop ; OS XP home edition; connected to a separate monitor.
Switched on last night and experienced a most extraordinary noise at the Acer screen at boot-up: like the noise lorries have to make when they are reversing, only many times louder. A fog-horn-like beep. So loud it was painful to remain in the same room. I switched off without waiting for boot-up to complete (and before the neighbours thought it was a burglar alarm going off - yes, it was as loud as that).
Never experienced it bfore and don't want to again.
Switched on today and everything is normal.
Can anyone suggest cause, please? and how to avoid it occurring again?
I'd used the laptop earlier in the day and had no problems (tho the Acer screen hung a little); and have made no changes of any kind.

  Peachy boy 22:41 15 Sep 2007

was it just a single tone or lots of beeps because beeps from the system speaker often indecate a problem and the number of beeps tells you what the problem is

  Graham. 23:35 15 Sep 2007

It's a low battery alarm.

  Border View 00:10 16 Sep 2007

I experienced the very same thing a couple of weeks ago after my laptop (also an Acer) had experienced a nasty thump.

Sent off under an insurance claim only to be told that there was nothing wrong with my laptop - it was returned and I've had no problem since.

Interested in you saying it was a low battery alarm Graham. Mine was fully charged - do you think it was possible that my battery was loose and by the time it got to the repairers it had been reseated correctly?

  palinka 09:31 16 Sep 2007

Peachy boy, it was a series of beeps - long beeps, all same length and regularity,like a series of dashes in morse code.
Graham, it can't be low battery in this case 'cos I was running it on mains with battery removed.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:33 16 Sep 2007

I think Graham means the BIOS battery.


  Graham. 09:35 16 Sep 2007

It may help to calibrate the battery. The voltage monitoring circuit may have got out of sync with the battery, hence the 'false' alarm.

The calibration process (often done in BIOS) should be described in the Help files.

  Graham. 09:51 16 Sep 2007

OK, put the battery in and let it go flat. See if it makes the same noise.

  palinka 13:01 16 Sep 2007

thanks, GANDALF <|:-)> and Graham. It hasn't happened since - have switched on, off and on again today, all the itme on mains as before; so any outcome of inserting the battery may be inconclusive; but I'll try it.

  Peachy boy 20:18 16 Sep 2007

I looked into the beep error codes and it doesn't seem likely to be any of them if the laptop is now working sorry

  palinka 08:37 17 Sep 2007

thanks, Peachy boy.

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