Horozontal Vs. Vertical Scrolling!

  splatter 00:59 11 Aug 2006

I was sat the other night thinking about some ideas for sites designs and I think I have come up with something different.

Horozontal scrolling! Everybody tries so hard to keep the WIDTH of the page within the confines of the screen and go up and down, but how about doing it the other way around. Keep the height locked and scroll left and right!

I appreciate that not everybodys mouse has a left right tilt wheel like mine (where I got my idea from), but at one point we didnt have scroll wheels. So, what do you guys and gals think? And do you have any links to sites that are maybe already using this convention, because so far I havn't found any (but then I havn't really been looking :D )

Feedback appreciated,

  splatter 12:42 11 Aug 2006

I like that, I think it will be my motto for the day.

I was playing around with some ideas in dreamweaver last night and the main difficulty I encountered was how to actually get the text into columns. The new CSS3 standard will supposedly support columns, but it will probably be a few years before wide-spread suppors for CSS3 in browsers will be available.

I think using tables for a static site would be fine, but for a dynaminc site the task would be alot more difficult. Still, I'm not going to give up quite yet, and will continue to play with some designs.

Before I forget: click here

'The horizontal way' is pretty much what it says, a site that scroll horizontally!

  splatter 12:47 11 Aug 2006

good point on the toolbars. I dont use any, with the exception of what comes as standard in II and FF, and even they are organised to give me maximum screen space. With that in mind, it sometime easy to forget that people have toolbars, and we design so that site looks good when we view them.

There was recently a piece at about.com entitled 'What you see isn't what everyone gets' (click here), and we need to remember that.

  ade.h 13:09 11 Aug 2006

It looks better when I balance my laptop on its side, but then I can't read it....

Really, this is one of those ideas which is trying to be different purely for the sake of it. Not mormally something with which I have a problem at all (on the contrary; I love "different") but it's not the right thing to do if functionality takes a big hit as a consequence.

  PurplePenny 14:23 11 Aug 2006

It feels unnatural: we read down a page.

It might have accessibility issues: you should probably check on one of the accessibility sites (accesify or WebAIM).

"but it will probably be a few years before wide-spread suppors for CSS3 in browsers will be available" you can say that again (given that IE is only just catching up with CSS1 and 2).

  splatter 18:50 17 Aug 2006

I hope your laptop isn't one of the mayn dodgy dell ones that keep trying to kill their owners!

PurplePenny I understand where you are coming from, though I think one use for this sort of thing would be if you were trying to display text from old scrolls. Some religions and cultures read from right to left accross the page so maybe something like this could hace SOME use.

I must say that after playing with some ideas I have given up on it. As ade.h says "this is one of those ideas which is trying to be different purely for the sake of it." and it really doesn't have any real praactical uses that I can think of, which is maybe why I am quitting.

Still, thanks for your input on the idea. Now I'm going to try something else different. Any ideas?


  ade.h 18:58 17 Aug 2006

Me, own a Dell? Not likely! ;-)

Keep plugging away in your search for the new!

  Verdani 03:56 21 Aug 2006

Well most languages are really developed with vertical-oriented designs in mind, really. Text can not stretch too far horizontally as that would mean scrolling left and right to read from line to line, so columns would be necessary like splatter said. It would also seem that the design idea would only be suitable for a portfolio or dreative-oriented website, not anything corperate or standard like a news site or a product homepage. The adjustment mentally to scrolling left to right might not go over so well.

It's a good idea, though, and it is ideas like this that produce stunning new designs.

  AndySD 14:03 21 Aug 2006

Hi splatter

I personlly love the idea and as such have shown it to two other designers who liked it too.


  Forum Editor 18:14 21 Aug 2006

and have nothing constructive to add, really. It's not for me.

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