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  Bonzy 15:23 17 Feb 2006

Hi all. I need to add a column to a section of a complicated table. I found that I could select the last column of that section, go to the TABLE menu, click on "split cells" and it will be done, so I went for it and it was done. I put some text back into the cells and printed the page. To my suprise, the vertical split gridline is there alright, but the horizontal gridlines were gone! Efectively what I have are 2 large vertical boxes (columns) in that section of the table and no horizontal gridlines (cells). What I want are 2 columns and 11 rows ie 22 cells instead of the original 11 cells in one column. Got it? How do I get that done? Thanx a million.

  brambles 21:14 17 Feb 2006

I assume you are working in WORD.

You have 11 rows created in a table in 1 column and you want to make 22 cells.

First make sure you have the Tables & Borders toolbar loaded - if not right click anywhere on top blank toolbar to select it.

The first icon on the T & B toolbar is a small pencil just take that and draw a line approximately down the centre of the 11 rows.

Now select the table and go back to the toolbar and you will see an icon 'Distribute columns evenly,

You could also start afresh and create a table with 11 rows and 2 columns!

Hope this helps

  Peter 00:53 18 Feb 2006


I have tried to do what you want to do in Word 97 and when I split the cells I am offered the option to choose the number of columns and the number of rows I want. The results of the default settings are as you wanted. Perhaps this is different in the version of Word you are using.

Have you got the "Hide Gridlines" option on the Table pull down menu selected? If so I would unselect it if I were you. I find it very confusing if I can't see the gridlines.

Another way to solve you problem is to select the column you want to duplicate, copy it and paste it back into the table. This should do what you want and copy the column exactly as the original.


  Peter 18:46 18 Feb 2006


Have any of the suggestions made by brambles or myself been of any help? If not perhaps we can help further.


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