Horizontal Dot Pitch question

  lemon2 12:15 25 May 2004

If say, you're used to a .26mm dot pitch on a 17" monitor, how noticeable would .28mm be on a 21" monitor?

Following my earlier question regarding unstable monitor display I've thought if I was replacing the monitor I might as well upgrade the size at the same time. As I do quite a bit of DTP and could use a bigger screen. I've found several refurbished Eizo F77 but the horizontal dot pitch .28mm.

  Satmansq 12:27 25 May 2004

This is a description obtained from google search on dot pitch.

Also called phosphor pitch, a measurement that indicates the diagonal distance between like-colored phosphor dots on a display screen. Measured in millimeters, the dot pitch is one of the principal characteristics that determines the quality of display monitors. The lower the number, the crisper the image. The dot pitch of color monitors for personal computers ranges from about 0.15 mm to 0.30 mm.

You may want to look at the spec of other monitors to establish the quality you will get against the price.Perhaps take a trip to pc world to check the quality of image.

  Pesala 12:36 25 May 2004

21" Monitors seem to carry a heavy price premium, which is no doubt the reason why you are looking at reburbished models. However, refurbished means old technology. 0.28" dot pitch is not great, and 21" is not that much bigger than 19". I would never recommend skimping on a monitor as it should last for at least five years. If it costs £500, that is only £2 a week.

Novatech have a wide range of monitors at prices that look very cheap to me since my 17" LG Flatron was £200 some years ago. I think the dot pitch is 0.24 or 0.26

Look at the quality you can get with a new famous make 19" monitor from the likes of Iiyama, Samsung, or CTX:

£146.08 Samsung SyncMaster 957 P - Display - CRT - 19" - 1920 x 1440 / 64 Hz - 0.22 click here

£172.72 Samsung 19 Monitor SM957MB/19 DFL.20 96kHZ TCO99 click here

£164.50 Iiyama Vision Master Pro 455 19" (18"viewable) CRT .25Dot Pitch DiamondTron
click here

How long is the warranty on refurbished monitors. I haven't checked, but these new ones will probably carry a three year warranty.

  Mikè 14:06 25 May 2004

My current monitor (home) click here no noticeable support wires, all parts of crt front (inside and out) totally flat.

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