Honest opinions on my site please!

  deano_b 22:15 10 Aug 2006

Its been up and running for a couple of months. I like it ( but of course I'm biased! ). I think it's simple and to the point. What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance..


click here

  barryoneoff.co.uk 23:51 10 Aug 2006

Tut, tut.

  deano_b 00:30 11 Aug 2006

Tut away "Barry". I am not after customers through this forum ( there's a time and place for that ). I want feedback on the site design etc. If you can't say anything worthwhile, don't bother.

  deano_b 08:13 11 Aug 2006

Thanks for the honest feedback. It's appreciated.

To be honest the program I use automatically converts my text into an image, something I will have to look into I think, I dont like the fact that it does this either!

As regards the font colour - do you mean the red or orange is unusual?

Horizontal scrolling - I will get rid of this!

Main page image - a little bit out of my hands that one!

Lastly - it's not a "scheme" - this is my actual job!

But thanks again anyway! Anyone else with genuine feedback?

  PurplePenny 14:49 11 Aug 2006

If the software that you are using converts all the text to images you *really* need to get some new software.

Not only will the search engines fail to find you but your site fails a simple accessibility check: disable images then view your site. It's blank. You haven't even got any alt attributes for your images.

The font colours might fail a colour contrast test but I can't do one for you as there is no text to test!

  HTRAPPER 23:52 16 Aug 2006

I like your site and of course you will, as I have done, modify it over time, as and when you update it. It seems to me kids will enjoy the bright colours and it is very informative.

  hastelloy 17:20 17 Aug 2006

I've no idea on webdesign and wouldn't know where to start, but some of your text is difficult for visually impaired people to read and there is an accessibility problem. Try downloading the AIS Web Accessibility Toolbar (don't know how to add a link but a search will find it) - it's free. I don't know what all the results mean but your site fails html validation with 14 errors and passes CSS validation. There are lots of other tests which will mean more to you than to me. You're not alone in this failure - some of the biggest, most popular sites fail spectacularly!!


  gibbs1984 17:35 17 Aug 2006

One thing I would say is that looking at your markup there is alot of it in capitals which won't be supported in the future I believe so might be worth changing that to lowercase.

  Forum Editor 18:20 17 Aug 2006

"the program I use automatically converts my text into an image"

Are you sure about that?

Your design software (Web Studio) normally only converts text to Gifs if you apply a special effect to it.

  Midsman2005 15:04 18 Aug 2006

Forum Editor has pointed out some good things there.

One other thing I would change is all your disclaimers and copyright things down the left hand side.

There is an awful lot of them and it distracts the reader away from the rest of the site.

I would put them on a seperate page entirely if I was you or make them really really tiny like everybody else does.

Also, I can't find a postal address for you anywhere on your site. Putting a postal address on your website somewhere really obvious is a good way of persuading your new web found potential customers that you are honest, above board and genuine.

Apart from all that I like your site and it will appeal to your potential customers I think.

And I am not sure how barryoneoff dare tut tut at you after his shameless way of trying to get traffic by making his user name his home page url! lol.

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