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  neil_brown 14:52 14 Feb 2004

Please let me know.. what do you think od my website?? Any comments - good or bad - are welcome.

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Either let me know through this forum or email me at [email protected] 16:24 14 Feb 2004

but I hate frames. Especially when you have to scroll both of them. No point in putting it there if it's not static. Like the rest of the layout though.

  whatsupdoc 16:29 14 Feb 2004

im a novice but imho it looks great.not too fussy but nice use of colour.

  anchor 16:45 14 Feb 2004

When I clicked on your site, my Download Express programme immediately asked if I wished to download the file "tv_enua.exe". I cancelled the request.

I do not like sites that require me to download files that I am unsure of their purpose. I always say NO.

I also am not keen on the "Welcome to cree8" flash. Sorry to be a wet blanket.

Anyway, that my opinion; let`s see what the experts think.

  PurplePenny 17:00 14 Feb 2004

Sorry but I'm with barryoneoff on the frames, and with anchor on the fly-in greeting - it's tacky.

The right (main) frame comes out as my default colour on every page (except home which is white) and the red font isn't very easy to read against it. The red on sandy left frame might be difficult for some people to read.


  Forum Editor 00:42 15 Feb 2004

1. It's a bad idea to post your email address in public web forums.

2. The fly-in greeting is awful - I suggest that you make it a priority to get rid of it.

3. Frames are old-hat, and they limit your design options.

4. The font size in your navigation frame is far too large, and there's too much going on - in web design simple is best.

5. It's extremely unnerving to see a download dialogue pop-up on the screen as soon as the homepage loads. Let your visitors decide if they want to download something, and provide them with plenty of information about what it is first.

6. The blue text bubble that asserts itself on the address bar is intensely irritating, and will work against you. There's nothing worse than visiting a site where you feel out of control, and I founf myself wanting to click away from your homepage without exploring the rest of the site.

7. The homepage is messy, and lacks proper information about who you are and what you do. Nobody's interested in Excite search boxes and web rings etc. on a homepage - it's unprofessional. Your homepage should immediately grab a visitor's attention. telling him/her what to expect.

8. You haven't titled your pages correctly, so no locators appear in the browser address bar. This is very important - give each page a title, so visitors can glance at the address bar and see a correct url.

9. For some reason you've put the search box and a banners exchange box on each page. They seem to dominate, and make the site look tacky. Keep them to one page only, and let the content do the talking. Lots of banners and boxes make it look as if you haven't got any real content to show.

10. Why the huge 'Scotland' banner on the about us page? It isn't relevant to the content, and again it dominates unnecessarily.

11. There's a general lack of cohesiveness in the design - some pages have graphic idents, whilst others have plain test headers. The ident graphics have no common theme, so they lose their effectiveness. They're far too large as well.

12. The colour scheme isn't right - try using the same background on all the frames, it would look far better.

I hope you don't find all that too harsh, it's not meant that way at all. You said that comments "good or bad" were welcome, and we're here to help - which will be better achieved by being frank and constructive.

  neil_brown 12:45 15 Feb 2004

Thanks for your comments and suggestions, I will keep them in mind for when I plan to revamp my site. I think its good to keep an open mind as others do not always think the same way as myself, so if you have any final or added thoughts then fire away.

Neil Brown

  Forum Editor 15:40 15 Feb 2004

Yes - If I were you I would think about a complete redesign, this time with no frames. Keep it simple, and concentrate on good navigation, stylish layout and colours, and an absence of fancy gizmos.

Once you have the basic site up and functioning you can think about tweaking it, but start from the ground up, perhaps using a customised template from one of the widely used design applications like NetObjects Fusion.

It's not easy to expose your efforts to criticism, and you've reacted positively to some fairly strong comment. Keep at it and I'm sure we'll soon be seeing your work showcased in the kind of site it deserves.

  Taran 17:56 16 Feb 2004

I support all the above comments and rather than add any of my own when all the bases have been touched already, I'd just like to know three things:

1. Why you felt that every visitor to your site would need or even want to download the Text-To-Speech engine.

2. Would you yourself click to accept a download for something when you opened a site homepage, especially unannounced or with an executable file extension ?

3. How you expect people to click on your ad banners when most of them are completely out of site either at the bottom of the main content page or at the bottom of your navigation link frame.

Simple and elegant layouts say a lot and attract visitors. Content means nothing without a visually pleasing and easy to navigate layout and the best layout under the sun cannot overcome poor content. It's all a balancing act and can be quite difficult at times. I'd persue that line of thought and see where it takes you on your redesign.

Good luck with it.

  PurplePenny 19:43 16 Feb 2004

I did wonder what it was that everyone else had been offered in a pop-up. That just illustrates one of the dangers of using on-load pop-ups - anyone who, like me, has unrequested pop-ups blocked will never even see it.


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