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  immer 12:42 03 Jun 2005

I have an Anycam usb camera MPC-M10 ver1.1, and would like to use it for home security at a window. How far can I extend the lead & retain function, & have you any other software besides PCSnoop you can advise on. (Updated samsung driver 2003) Will other drivers work with this type of kit? Has anyone any experience with this & able to give a few tips.

  absent 15:32 03 Jun 2005

I have strung two 3m usb cables together and get remarkably clear pictures of my garden.Your software looks OK, just make sure you have plenty of hard drive space as video files are large,even using motion detect(there always seems to be some movement in my garden, plants blowing in the wind for example) If you want to get serious about security get a dvr card, take a look on Ebay you can get a 4 chanel card for under £10 and day/night cameras from about £40 (dont be tempted by the wireless ones they are not very good) I have just set up a system at work and it is brilliant for what it cost.

  immer 18:11 03 Jun 2005

Absent: When you say a 4 chanel card: do you mean a usb connector with 4 ports ?
Has PC Advisor ever discussed this topic?

  absent 19:24 03 Jun 2005

No not usb, these are pci cards, a 4 Chanel will allow you to connect up to 4 cameras that can all record simultaneously. You can buy cameras complete with cables and connectors terminated or if you are handy at wiring and soldering buy a reel of 75 ohm coax and make your own cables. The cameras need A 12v power supply and this is may come as a extra with the camera or if you plan to have several cameras you may prefer to have a central 12v supply and run the cables to the cameras.

  VideoSentry 19:41 03 Jun 2005

Immer, if you are serious about home security and 'CCTV' can I suggest that you contact your local Crime Prevention Officer, -No I am not one, I just deal with the results of both home commercial installed CCTV and try to get usable images for identification
If you are in the Met area ( London ) I can get the name/Tel number of who you should contact.
Most of the webcam images are only useful if :
Inside the house and NOT wide angle.

  absent 21:00 03 Jun 2005

This site will give you a good idea click here use their advice, then look on ebay. I would be interested to know from VideoSentry how useful the video captured on a home or office system would be in the event of a crime?. A retailer friend of mine caught footage of a vandal throwing a brick through his shop window but the police said they were unable to use it!. Luckily he was caught on the towns cctv cameras and arrested.

  VideoSentry 21:58 06 Jun 2005

This is more for ABSENT than a continuation of the thread:
Many people view the cameras live, which is finw if:the VCR heads are clean,the tapes are not being used for the 100th time, the multiplex system (if used) is known and the software can be found, or -as with some"Digital Recorders"Q they can only down load to a VCR which then comes back to the problems named above. Also too many cameras in public accesed areas are to wide angle and though they show the offender committing the offence they are not suitable to either identify ( ie suspect not known) or confirm identity ( ie suspect known ) ,there are some supurb systems out there ( we are trying a £450 8 camera with 160Gb disc that records 1.5 frames per second per camera )and like any techie stuff will be obsolete in a few months.
But so is Beer!!!!

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