HomePNA with BT

  Newuser4491 15:16 23 Nov 2005

Would appreciate some advice with regard to home wired networking.

I am thinking about getting broadband with BT, option 1 package. I want to network my laptop, and be able to use it downstairs (internet and filesharing), with the PC upstairs as the main computer connected to the BT voyger 205 modem/router that is supplied. We live in an old house with very thick walls, so I have doubts as to whether wireless will work given that the portable phone doesnt work if I go upstairs!

It would seem that I can get a network adapter (BT1250) that will allow me to use the existing phonelines around the house, without having to run ethernet cables everywhere. I cant find out the details to confirm if this will work tho. Both PC and laptop have ethernet ports, so I could use ethernet if needed, but would restrict me a bit.

Does anyone have experience of homePNA? Cant find anything on the forum search. How many network adapters will I need?
Cheers, Dave

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