Homeplugs - what do I need to buy?

  GileyD 20:22 07 Nov 2007

Having had a nightmare trying to set up a wireless network at home, and giving up, I have decided to go down the homeplug route.

I have Virgin 8 meg cable broadband feeding through a Webstar modem into the main desktop pc in the upstairs front bedroom. I have a desktop pc in the back downstairs dining room, and have just been given a laptop by work which I may want to use in the front room.

I assume I need a router and three homeplugs? What sort of router do I need to get?

Any specific models or retailers would be useful.


  woodchip 20:28 07 Nov 2007

Wireless Router Modem. What you will

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:33 07 Nov 2007

Having had a nightmare trying to set up a wireless network at home, and giving up,

Don't give up if you have a laptop its the easiest way to connect.

What is your wireless problems?

  woodchip 20:42 07 Nov 2007

You will get better connection with Home Plugs than Wireless, As walls and any steel can reduce or stop Wireless

  GileyD 20:45 07 Nov 2007

RE: wireless, I just couldn't get it to work reliably. It would work intermitantly when I took all the security off it, with - no chance. I got a few people who know far more about such things than me to look at it and they couldn't work out why it was so unreliable so I wrote it off as a bad job. 1930's 3 bed semi by the way, nothing out of the ordinary.

  InCog 20:47 07 Nov 2007

Try the PL-14PE from Solwise. Works faultlessly.

  €dstowe 22:22 07 Nov 2007

I've recently changed from wireless to through-the-mains at home. Not regretted it at all. A vast improvement over wireless.

All you need is a router with an Ethernet output to feed into one plug and then another plug for each of the computers you want to link into the system. Dead easy to set up and to use.

You can have a hybrid system as well for a laptop in which you have a short range wireless plug close to your laptop.

I use Netgear plugs bought from ebuyer (who had the most reasonable price when I bought them a few weeks ago).

  Stuartli 23:13 07 Nov 2007


click here

This is a very helpful company.

  GileyD 18:30 08 Nov 2007

Thanks guys - very useful.

  RWest 18:39 08 Nov 2007

I hve 3 devolo plugs but (see elsewhere) I'm not that happy with them. When they work thy're fine, but the software supplied is the type that gives you options you don't want, and doesn't gives ones you do. I've learnt to use the network commands to 'rebuild' the LAN, and then it works. BUT the general idea is fine. It may be other brands are easier.

  Graham. 18:49 08 Nov 2007

Could they be helpful and tie that floating menu down?

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