homeplugs problem

  stebod 00:39 20 Mar 2011

hey guys i have a problem with my home network i was hoping somebody could help me with. I have a sky wireless router with an 8meg connection. I run the wireless downstairs on my laptop with no problems however my desktop upstairs connected via homeplugs has a problem. When i download files that start to pull more than half my bandwith it trips my router out and an orange light is displayed and i have to pull the power out of the router to reset the conection. I can browse the net and watch youtube vids fine but when i start downloading any files the connection is lost. Sometimes i can download for around ten minutes before this happens but in most cases i dont get the file i want. This problem does not happen on wireless, only with homeplugs and as i am a steam user this issue is a nightmare, any advice would be most appreciated

  stebod 00:45 20 Mar 2011

oh yeh my homeplugs are Solwise PL-85PE_MK2

  rdave13 00:54 20 Mar 2011

Sounds as your homeplugs can't deliver. Laptop connects ok with wireless connection. Try a usb wirelss adaptor instead of the homeplugs.

  octal 07:06 20 Mar 2011

Have you got them plugged into an extension lead with surge protection incorporated? If you have then remove them from the lead and plug them straight into the wall socket. Because they are high frequency devices they don't like the surge protection, the occasional spike these things put out are enough the trip the surge protection.

Also, are both the homeplugs on the same circuit ring circuit? If they are not then they will struggle. It sounds like the upstairs ring main is on a different circuit than the one downstairs.

Just a personal opinion, the technology in these things are very iffy at best and the amount of radio interference they put out is unacceptable so they really should be banned.

Read this article particularly the section on Interfering with people. click here

  The Kestrel 09:47 20 Mar 2011

I use two homeplugs to connect the internet to my wife's PC. The router is next to my PC, so one homeplug is very close to my PC, which has a wireless keyboard and mouse. I have never had any interference from the homeplug affecting either keyboard or mouse. Secondly the homeplug close to my PC is plugged into a extension block with surge protection and several other devices also plugged into the same block. I have had no problems with the router dropping connections.

The only outcome I have had is a much improved internet connection to the wife's PC, which because it was in an extension with an outside cavity wall between the PC and router kept dropping the connection.

  octal 10:17 20 Mar 2011

They won't affect your keyboard or mouse as they operate on 2.4GHz, whereas Homeplugs operate on 2-30MHz. I have one close to me and I can see it on the spectrum analyser, luckily it is sufficiently far away that I can hear signals though the crap its chucking out, any nearer it would end my hobby.

They are extending the bandwidth of them so they cover 2-200MHz, that encompasses the aircraft, marine and numerous other services including FM radio, they say they put 40db notches in specific frequencies, but they don't work, its all smoke and mirrors.

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