'Homeplug' type networks - any good?

  Edin Dundee 20:43 03 Dec 2005

I will be setting up a cable (Telewest) braodband share at my sports club very soon, and have picked my wireless newtork kit.

I've just heard about the 'homeplug' type adaptors that share an internet connection via the mains wiring.
Does anyone have any feedback (good or bad) on those systems?

  keewaa 21:55 03 Dec 2005

Great if your wireless doesn't reach the range or go through walls etc. The electric sockets have to be on the same main ring or it won't work so check that out first at your sports club. £50+ per connection so the costs could mount up if you're talking about more than a few computers.

  eddiejackr 15:57 23 May 2006

I see your posting in December. Did you go ahead with homeplug? If so, is it any good. I have found a web site (homeplug.co.uk) with connectors at around £22 + VAT each.

  eddiejackr 15:57 23 May 2006

I see your posting in December. Did you go ahead with homeplug? If so, is it any good. I have found a web site (homeplug.co.uk) with connectors at around £22 + VAT each.

  Edin Dundee 18:28 23 May 2006

eddiejackr - no I went and installed a Linksys wireless router system.
It's been a nightmare for signal quality and strength due to the brick walls and distances, I wish I'd tried the Homeplugs instead.

  eddiejackr 19:09 23 May 2006

Yes, my Linksys wireless is hopeless. Funny that there seems to be very little experience of Homeplug in this forum.....

  rsinbad 23:15 23 May 2006

I have used the homeplug worked well the only problem with the homeplug was the sigal strength varied depending which socket you put it in.

I know that sounds strange but if connected close to the consumer unit the signal was strong other sockets particulary spurs gave little or no signal, and can also be affected by some rcd's

I would think that a wireless network would be a better option for you bearing in mind the cost


  biteblue 23:18 23 May 2006

I have a Linksys wireless router and have found it to be quite good. At first it didn't have an external antenna and the laptop would only work in the next room. I bought an external antenna for the router and the signal strength was brilliant!

  Edin Dundee 23:59 23 May 2006

biteblue - I am VERY interested in your external antenna. Can you give more details? If this is all it takes to solve the problems at my sports club, then I'll jump at it.

  dms05 07:03 24 May 2006

This thread was running a couple of days ago click here with lots of details of wifi antenna. You'd need an omni-directional antenna - make sure you CAN connect the antenna to the router. On my D-Link the original antenna screws out and the new one screws on the same connector.

  eddiejackr 14:16 26 May 2006

Good news!
I bought an aerial - yes, it made a difference, but not enough.
I bought two homeplug units from a website called Solwise - ordered in pm, arrived next morning! - cost £62 for two - installation took , literally, 10 minutes, and I now have a reliable network throughout the house from any power socket I choose to use - Hallelujah!! If only I'd known this before I wasted so much time on a wireless network. All I've wasted in terms of hardware is one laptop wireless adaptor - (I still need my Gateway for the homeplug setup so that the remote computer gets internet access even when main pc is off.)The signal strength is excellent whichever socket i choose to use. So far so good. Good luck!

I bought 14mbps homeplugs. They have faster ones, but 14 mbps seems fine for internet etc.

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