Homeplug for room with different circuitry

  chaudha 15:26 12 Jan 2009


I've been struggling with wireless for a number of years, and have somehow got a signal from my router to an access point near my room (2 floors between the router and access point). The connection is unstable and unreliable. i've tried newer routers advertised as giving good range, but none of them work so I am looking into getting some homeplugs.

However, downstairs, where the cable modem is, was built as an extension a number of years ago. I am fairly certain therefore that my room is on a different electrical circuit to the one the modem is on. Is it possible that a homeplug might still work in this situation or is there anyway of overcoming this obstacle? Thanks.

  Miké 21:04 12 Jan 2009

Yes should work as should all be on the same circuit (phase), may even work in a neighbours providing they are not on another phase.

  Jollyjohn 12:01 13 Jan 2009

In my experience the homeplugs need to be on the same "ring main" to find each other, i.e. the same circuit.

If you decide to try them, set them up in the same room first then move one.

  chaudha 19:20 13 Jan 2009

Thanks. I'm going to try them out when they arrive tomorrow. I read that they should work even on different circuits as long as the circuits are on the same fuse box. Hopefully they will supercede the performance of my current wireless network.

  Switcher 22:21 22 Jan 2009

Does not require same ring, or even same distribution box. Just as long as it is on same phase coming in to house. Other people on same phase may pick up signal so advisable to use homeplugs security as well as any other security.

  Martin12 22:16 23 Jan 2009

I have been using a zyxel homeplug router and 2 homeplugs on different ring mains in my home for sometime. I get full signal on all 3. It says in the instructions that the "barrier" to users outside your premises is the meter.

I think they are good, relibable and do what they say they will do.

PS - I use the software and passwords, just in case!!

  Forum Editor 00:20 24 Jan 2009

provided they are connected to the same consumer unit (fusebox).

You can prevent neighbours from sharing your HomePlug signal by running the security configuration utility that comes with the device.

As far as I'm aware, HomePlugs will not work with Vista.

  Switcher 23:57 24 Jan 2009

Does not have on be the same DB, if you are only on one phase to your house all DBs are effectivly
at the same electrical point. Your meter will not stop it either any neighbour on the same phase could pick it up if near enough. Use the homeplug security to prevent anyone else being able to connect to your system.

  Forum Editor 00:58 25 Jan 2009

Thanks for that information, I wasn't aware of it.

  chaudha 15:17 30 Jan 2009

Thanks guys. It works great and the performance is far superior to my old wireless! Definitely recommend it. It should work as long as the circuits are on the same fuse box.

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