Binzy 19:43 18 Sep 2006

I have been told that using a homeplug is more secure than the usual wireless networks. Has anybody any experience of these?

I have just moved to broadband (connection through a USB port) and want to be able to access the internet from my laptop as well as the desktop (which has the broadband connection).

I've been told that I will need a modem router and two homeplugs (one for each computer).

Any views/comments appreciated before I start to spend my money!

  woodchip 19:49 18 Sep 2006

I would think on this one, Its your choice, Don't think it would be any more secure if you used WPA

  Jak_1 19:52 18 Sep 2006

I think what you are on about are ADSL filters; one of these is requied for each appliance connected to your phoneline for adsl broadband. That includes your phone, extention phone, fax, house alarm (if conected to an alarn recieving centre) and answerphone etc.

These are required to filter the two signals, the phone siganal and the adsl signal, both are on different frequencies and the filter prevents them from interfering with each other.

  Jak_1 19:53 18 Sep 2006

Whoops, I should have read the question more closely, lol.

  anskyber 19:53 18 Sep 2006

You might want to read the Nov. issue of PCA which comments on networking by mains.

  Tim1964 19:54 18 Sep 2006

I use wired, woreless and Homeplugs to connect my 2 PCs and a PS2.

If the encrytion is set up properly on the wireless router and the SSID broadcast it turned off then the network is very secure.

What you may be thinking is that Homeplug is secure because nobody can 'piggyback' onto your network but this is possible if a neighbour is on the same electrical phase AND is close enough (electrically speaking) AND can get through your firewall. As you can see, even with no encrytion on the Homeplugs it's very unlikely that this could happen.

If you don't want a router then you can connect the Laptop to the Desktop via 2 Homeplug units and use Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) but it will be much more convenient to cannect the lappy wirelessly to a wireless modem/router..

  johnnyrocker 19:55 18 Sep 2006

the poster is quite correct jak_1 it is quite a new way of distributing internet using the housewiring/mains and eliminates cabling all over ones house.


  Jak_1 20:36 18 Sep 2006


I realised my mistake after I posted, lol. Had not long got in from work. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it, lol

  johnnyrocker 23:34 18 Sep 2006

dont blame ya guv;)


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