Homepage misdirection (Suspect Virus, Mal/Spyware)

  NormalMormon 19:43 29 Apr 2004

Evening all, my homepage keeps being re-directed to the following URL :-

click here

I've ran a virus check and Ad-aware and removed some suspect bits and bobs but it keeps changing...

Any idea's what it is and how to get rid?


  g40 19:46 29 Apr 2004

What about trying Spybot search and destroy,
Just tye it in, its very popular.

  NormalMormon 19:51 29 Apr 2004

Just checking it now G, saw your earlier post...

Why do pron sites insist on giving us such grief???


  NormalMormon 21:21 29 Apr 2004

A tricksy beast this one...

I've now ran updated copies of Spybot S&D, Adaware 6 and PC Cillin's Housecall... No luck, although Spybot found a couple of bits Adaware didnt, thanks for that...

I've tried running them in safe mode, which got rid of a tricksy virus that kept re-appearing a while ago... No luck.

System restore was off, I've deleted cookies, history, offline content, etc, it's still doing it!

Sorry for pasting a URL, the page without link, is :-

Any more ideas?

  muppetmark 07:39 30 Apr 2004

go to click here and download CWShredder, run it ensuring you hit FIX rather than scan only, this should cure the nkvd problem

  muppetmark 07:44 30 Apr 2004

ps run CWShredder in SAFE mode for this one, reboot and check it is gone.

  NormalMormon 17:02 30 Apr 2004

OK, I've already ran CWShredder and HijackThis, thing the here is that it attaches itself to various other files without naming itself (Ive seen other peoples logs with the same trouble) and I'm wary about fixing all as some seem quite innocent, I can post the log if that will help?

There's also a file (mtwirl.dll) which I cant delete even in safe mnode...

Hats off to the fella who came up with this one, think I'll nickname it Tenacious V!

  sand_danser 19:21 30 Apr 2004

Download and install it, It's free & is THE BEST of the lot for browser hi-jackers etc. I tried SpyBot and others but they all failed to remove a virus from my registry and one even added spyware :[email protected]
Here's the link <a href="click here>SPYSWEEPER"</a>

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