Homepage Hijacked

  billbod 17:19 13 May 2004

I always leave my homepage on internet explorer blank.Just recently my homepage keeps coming up as msn even though I have'nt changed anything I change it back to about:blank in the internet options,but it then comes back whenever i restart IE.I have also run ad-aware and spybot which detects a malware i delete this ,but again when i restart IE the msn homepage comes up .Hope someone can help thanks in advance

  imjasonurnot 17:37 13 May 2004

to fix this
go here click here

run cwshredder
click fix and then ok to any/all boxes

then run x-cleaner
for x-cleaner
click select all then start cleaning
remove all items

to check for more
download,install,run & update
spybot & ad-aware

to help prevent this this
download spywareblaster
also at the above site

it blocks a lot of spyware from autoinstalling

  BLB 19:19 13 May 2004

Try Startpage Guard-works for me.

  VCR97 20:39 13 May 2004

I'm having exactly the same problem on two systems. I have security software coming out of my ears so I'm pretty confident on that score. I've just tried CWshredder. It says my system is clean but Adaware says that I have "Possible Browser Hijack Attempt", Regdata, Malware, followed by registry data. This started on both systems 8 May. Are you with Freeserve/Wanadoo?

  VCR97 20:40 13 May 2004

I also have StartPageGuard bt it doesn't stop or revert the change. It just tells me that a change has occurred.

  billbod 11:26 14 May 2004

Hi Kieth thats the same thing im getting got spyblaster ,ad-aware, spybot s&d and nortons.this thing just started the last 2 days.Tried all sorts go back,system restore but nothing shifts it.The homepage is now msn and i keep getting some pop-ups even though i run a pop-up stopper.I have read some suggestions from previous threads nd have installed start page guard (to no avail)and cwshredder(same thing )Every time i re-boot the browser is hijacked to msn as a homepage.Hope someone can shed some light on this ,cheers

  billbod 11:28 14 May 2004

Sorry forgot to mention im on ntl broadband

  Arthur Scrimshaw 11:45 14 May 2004

I'm getting the same problem with my blank IE default page changing to MSN. I keep running ad-aware 6 and it keeps finding a registry change 'possible hi-jack attempt. Running XP with Tiscalli BB.

Any light on this would br much appreciated.

  billbod 12:07 14 May 2004

Can Anyone help seems like a common problem

  colberly 14:02 14 May 2004

I get it too if I leave my homepage blank. It seems to have happened since the latest update from Adaware. Like you I have tried everything to no avail, even a system restore. I do wish someone could come up with a solution, I was beginning to get a little paranoid thinking it was only me.

  imjasonurnot 14:29 14 May 2004

what if u click about blank
are is that what your doing

or maybe reinstalled IE
or do an IE repair

win9x,nt & 2000 (maybe)
go to add/remove programs
look for MS internet explorer
click the remove BUT
chose the repair option

in XP its a tad different
u will need your XP cd or the i386 folder on the hdd
do a search for ie.inf
its in the c:\windows\inf folder
to reinstall IE
u will right click on the ie.inf
file and choose install
this will prompt u for the XP cd or i386

u will need to view all all files and folders
in able to see this file/folder

click here;en-us;308895&sd=tech
or search for 308895
on support.microsoft.com

or open my computer
then click on tools
then folder options
select view
then click show hidden files and folder
or similar

hope this helps

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