Homepage changed in I.E.

  jack48 00:17 23 Jan 2004

For the last few weeks I have been having a problem with my homepage being reset to "none" while my computer is connected to the Internet.
When I try to open my home page nothing happens although I am connected to the Internet. If I look at the settings in the IE properties all that appears in the home page text box is a square. If I re-enter my normal home page and click apply it simply changes back to the square again. I have Browser Hijack Blaster installed and running but this makes no difference. Can anyone help?

  cycoze 00:22 23 Jan 2004

Try stopping protection in Browser Hijack Blaster , then change your settings in IE , apply , then set protection in BHB again.

  johnnyrocker 00:23 23 Jan 2004

you dont state your os but as a start i would suggest click here and use that followed by getting spy bot from click here and then take it from there.


  jack48 00:37 23 Jan 2004

Thanks for your advice. I am running XP and I already have spybot installed and run it every day, I also have windows and internet washer installed and set to clear all when I close my connection. I disabled the Browser Blaster as you suggested but it made no difference. The last time this happened I had to do a system restore to correct it. I am using Opera at the moment and this never seems to have anything like the problems IE has.

  cycoze 00:43 23 Jan 2004

Have a look at spybot , click on spybot-s-d in the right pane , next click on `immunize` , now in the right pane scroll down , there is an option there to lock the homepage , you can try removing that aswell as the BHB one , close IE and reopen it and change the start page , apply.

After doing that , reset spybot and BHB again.

  jack48 01:17 23 Jan 2004

Still no luck, thanks for your advice but it looks like I will have to do a system restore again, at least that seems to work!

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