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  richardb2 11:48 18 Apr 2005

Hi. I currently use ADSL through a telephone line that terminates on the ground floor of my house. Currently I run a standard telephone line extension from the BT socket to an office on the 1st floor where I connect to my ADSL modem.

I am looking for a solution that will allow me to get rid of the trailing wire. Ideally I would like an ADSL modem/router that I can place downstairs at the BT socket and a wireless adapter at my PC upstairs.

I am looking at the Belkin ADSL Modem Router and USB Adapter Bundle (F5D9012UK) for approx. £74 incl. VAT.

I'm compltely new to this so don't know whether this would work. The networking info on the Belkin website suggests that I need to connect the modem/router to a PC and then I can let other PCs share that connection.

As I only have one PC all I am trying to do is connect the single PC wirelessly to a BT line (with ADSL) elsewhere in the house.

What's the simplest way to do this?

Thanks for your help!

  Brian-336451 18:57 18 Apr 2005

My wife's laptop is actually sitting next to the wireless router.

I'm in the living room one floor away from them.

The wireless router is connected by cable to the cable modem and by Ethernet cable to my wife's computer (I print via her machine).

My wife can disconnect her 10/100 Ethernet lead from her laptop and join me downstairs without a problem.

This does mean however that we lose the ability to print remotely although it is possible to set up the router using it's USB connection to wirelessly print from either machine.

So, I think this shows that provided the modem is connected to the wireless router, then you should be able to position your computer (laptop/desktop or otherwise) more or less anywhere.

I hope this helps, there is an article in the latest edition of PCA about wireless, don't know if it helps.

I've been wireless now (the so-called SLOW version) for nearly 2 years and would never go back. It's great.

I hope that helps, if only with encouragement.

  RealDopey 20:58 18 Apr 2005

...the Belkin website suggests that I need to connect the modem/router to a PC and then I can let other PCs share that connection

What they telling you is to set up the router with you pc conneted by a cat5 cable, once you have setup the router then you can unplug the cat 5 cable and connect wirelessly. You will find that is the norm for most routers. I do not know of any that are not recommeneded to be set up this way. You are supposed to be able to just do it w/lessly but it's far esaier to use cable first.

  georgemac © 08:23 19 Apr 2005

I set this up for a friend. The wireless router sits by the phone socket in the hall. The PC connects to the router via the usb wireless adapter. Has been working perfectly now for 3 months. Also have done the same setup for another mate who also connects with his wi-fi laptop as well as the pc via usb adapter.

click here this is the kit I have used now for 3 friends - very impressed with this.

I have connected to the router initially with the ethernet cable to set it up, but am almost certain it can be done through the wireless adapter (I maybe did it this way once)

You would plug in & power up the router. Install the USB adapter software, then plug in the usb adapter. It will scan & find the router broadcasting the wireless network. log in to the router, enter your ISP info, secure the network and save the changes and that should be it all going.

No more wires - good luck.

  Brian-336451 08:35 19 Apr 2005

Because I'd written what I did above, I thought I'd have a go at setting up the printer into the wireless router.

With a little experimentation and a good look at the instructions, the two laptops are now completely independent of wiring and both print nicely - neither HAS to be on for the other to work.

So to recap. The modem is attached to the wireless router (it obviously still has the four Ethernet sockets but now I only connect to make changes to the router setup - as recommended).

The laptops (in this case) can be anywhere in the house. There is no reason why you could not place a desktop computer anywhere within range and still get the same connectivity.

My router is an Asus WL500b/g and I'd thoroughly recommend it although I've not seen it tested in PCA.

The printer is Canon Pixma 3000 (top of the printers chart - and I can see why).

Hope that helps.

By the way there was a time when I thought I knew nothing about setting this lot up - now I KNOW I don't!! But the manufacturers have made it easier and easier combined with XP which really does take a lot of the donkey work out of it.

Enjoy. Persist and you'll iron out any problems, you can always come here for pointers, it's worth it.

  richardb2 08:40 19 Apr 2005

thanks everyone for your help! some really usefull advice here - i'm going to order the kit and give it a go!

  Brian-336451 16:36 19 Apr 2005

If you've got a digital camera, take a picture of your hair.

It'll be nice to remember what you looked like with hair especially after you've finished trying to set it all up :-)

It's a steep learning curve but SOOO much easier than it used to be.

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