Home Server and vista home premium

  barfly 01:32 03 Mar 2008

I recently set up a home server using the latest home server from microsoft,Server2003, my laptop that uses XP Home connects and backs up files without a hitch then i bought a Sony PC that has Vista home premium installed, the server wont recognise it the error message says this computer cannot connect to the server, has anyone any ideas of a workaround for this or will i have to upgrade to Vista Ultimate as that supposedly recognises servers, any ideas gratefully received

  bobbybowls 02:07 03 Mar 2008

my home premium connects so it must a setting on your machines or a software (firewall/av)conflict.

  bobbybowls 02:09 03 Mar 2008

ps have you run the connection software on the vista machine.

  crosstrainer 06:49 03 Mar 2008

You need to enable file and print sharing on the Vista machine. This should make it visible on the network. A fellow bowler eh?

  barfly 01:51 04 Mar 2008

I have made file and print sharing enabled i have run the connection software on the vista machine i have opened up the firewalls and even shut them down to allow unrestricted access i know it must be something simple like me but i cannot see it thanks for the suggestions guys

  ^wave^ 08:54 04 Mar 2008

this might help check the workgroup names also make sure that one is not set up as domain.

  barfly 09:43 04 Mar 2008

sorry wave the workgroup has no name associated with it

  crosstrainer 10:16 04 Mar 2008

Workgroup names in xp: click here

They are usually MSHOME, and must all be the same.

  ventanas 10:31 04 Mar 2008

Neither XP Home or Vist Home can connect to a Domain, so a Server machine does seem a bit of an overkill. So assuming the network is a Workgoup you need to ensure that all computers, including the Server have the same Workgroup Name. In XP the default was MSHOME as stated, but in Vista it's WORKGROUP.
On the Vista machine you also need to go into the network settings and choose what you wish to allow, including the permission for the machine to be visible to the network.

  barfly 17:25 05 Mar 2008

Hi Guys and Gals
At last i bottomed it out it was a combination of all your suggestions good old NORTON they managed to screw everything up again if anyone else has this problem ditch NORTON 360 because no matter how you try to configure it it will still stop access I thank you for all your suggestions most sincerely

  crosstrainer 06:32 06 Mar 2008

Norton = NIGHTMARE, I have now stopped supplying it with laptops for just this reason.....Far too aggressive, and better products exist.

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