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  tomh12345 19:21 04 Feb 2007

Hi, I live in a house with 2 other buildings, I have a total of 6 Computers in all the buildings which I want to Network, as i run my own business

I have a server in the main house which i want to connect to a switch and then that connects to the two buildings which contain their own switch's.

The Server has Windows server 2003 and I have XP Pro on all the other computers, Cabeling between all the buildings is not a problem and I think i will be able to configure the network ok,

What I want to know is will it be alright for the two buildings to have their own switch's and then they connect to the main house's switch and then to the server? The reason i want to have individual switch's in all the buildings is purely for expansion (if i want to have more computers in the future)

please let me know if im on the right tracks with the hardware side of the network

  Forum Editor 23:56 04 Feb 2007

that you use hubs in all three buildings. That way you can add machines in each location as you wish.

Presumably there's a reason why you can't use wireless networking technology? It would be easier to install and adapt.

  tomh12345 18:41 05 Feb 2007

Thankyou for the response,
I could use wireless but there is reliability and security issues which I have had problems with in the past.

So just to clarify, I would have a hub next to the server and a cable going off that to another hub in one of the other buildings and then off that is the computers?


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