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  clanfind 10:31 05 May 2003

I use Windows ME on a single user PC. I have pcadvisor as my home pagw. That default setting has been "invaded" and usurped by another site called something like 'Find the web site you want' which I find very disturbing. I have managed, with some difficulty, to get rid of it. My concern is how it can possibly have happened and how to prevent it happening again. I should be glad of some advice please.


  hugh-265156 10:40 05 May 2003

run spybot click here and adaware click here to get rid of nasties and then to change your home page go to tools/internetoptions/general and just cut and paste the page or type the address into the bit at the top that says you can change the page to use as the home page click ok.

  Ellie3009 11:05 05 May 2003

I had this problem when I joined the ISP virgin.net.
They do it by adding a registry key which sets the default homepage to theirs, and in some cases also setting the "about:blank" default to their homepage, so whatever you do it always changes itself back!
Most annoying, but if you ever need to change the registry to solve the problem, there are full instructions on the Microsoft Knowledge Base.
click here;en-us;q320159

  Ellie3009 11:06 05 May 2003

Okay, that link didnt work so do the click here and search the knowledge base for article number:

  clanfind 11:09 05 May 2003

Thanks huggyg71,
I clicked both your 'click here' options and ran away with my tail between my legs as I am a bit of a novice with a history of things not working when I try them. (I still have an unresolved problem with not being able to get onto the IGI genealogy site which will only ever show "The page cannot be displayed" notice despite trying the comparatively simple suggestions of some the kindly pc advisor folk). I think it was in internet options that I managed to delete the offending invader and reinstate pcadvisor but it took a couple of attempts before it worked. Are the two 'downloads' (?) simple and straightforward and where do they go when downloaded and what do I have to do with them, if anything, when they are downloaded ? Am I being to timid ?
Thaks - clanfind

  clanfind 11:14 05 May 2003

Thanks Ellie3009,
Yours came whilst I was plodding through my reply to huggyg71.

  VoG™ 11:27 05 May 2003

With huggy71's downloads, simply save them to disk. Then double click and they will install automatically. Elloe3009's link click here

  hugh-265156 11:28 05 May 2003

very straightforward to use both.run adaware first go to start/allprograms/lavasoft/adaware run it and click check for updates then just click start will take a few mins to do the check anything found you can then delete it will create a back up just incase anything removed causes problems it can always be put back again.read the help in the program for more info.spybot then do the same check for update before running select easy mode click update then search for updates any found click on them download by clicking download updates then run it by clicking search and destroy then click check for problems.same as adaware it will create a back up which can be put back if causes problems.will doubt vey much if either program will do though.click on each thing found by spybot and will give a discription.

  Eastender 11:32 05 May 2003

Have a look at 'Startpage Guard', I use it.

click here

  hugh-265156 11:33 05 May 2003

dont worry to much about the settings in both as defaults will be enough to start with in both.read the help files for both and then you can configure to your liking.

  clanfind 11:35 05 May 2003

Thanks every one and off we go.

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