Home office being built

  dawsonc 20:32 01 Nov 2006

Having lots of work done on the house and one of the rooms being built is a den...sorry office for me. The builders are asking me waht sort of cabling I want to have...i'm not sure I know what they mean! they keep asking me if I want Cat 5 cabling...anybody got any advice ?

  FreeCell 20:36 01 Nov 2006

Cat5 is networking ethernet cable.

What equipment are you putting in the den, sorry study?

  dawsonc 20:39 01 Nov 2006

Well only one PC for now, but thats not to say it will always be thus.

  FreeCell 20:49 01 Nov 2006

Are builders putting in cable trunking? I presume there would be a cost and that this cabling isn't in a fixed price.
You could always add cabling later as it sounds like you have no plans that would need a network in the study.

  dawsonc 20:51 01 Nov 2006

OK that sounds good to me. Do you think I should ask them for cable trunking so that I can have the option in the future ?

  namtas 20:57 01 Nov 2006

Decide where your equipment is going to be situated and create a cable trunking system that will allow you to fit the cables afterwards. Also consider the other utilities that may be required, TV point, Cable point, Telephone socket. And make sure you have sufficient sockets, Probably end up with as many as 10 required depending on how technophobic you are.

  DerekR 21:53 01 Nov 2006

Cat 5e is the standard cabling used in communications throughout the business world.

New Cat 6 cabling allows faster data exchange, but comes at a premium - usually twice the price of Cat 5e.

You will only need Cat 5.

If you are going to run power AND data cables within a cable duct, ensure that there are separate compartments within the duct (or trunking) as power/data cables should be kept apart to stop power/data leak.

  Strawballs 22:07 01 Nov 2006

Why not go for wireless with encryption unless your buisness has very sensitive data.

  dawsonc 09:08 26 May 2007

My house is now finished, and I have cat 5 cabling througout the house. If I now want to store all DVDs, pictures, and music on the PC, but play them anywhere in the house, then as far as I know I need some sort of switching box, and a Media centre/set top box. Does anybody know if I need multiple media centres to play the files anywhere in the house, and how much is all of this kit likely to cost me. If iI need to search for these items online, what is the technical term for these bits of kit ?

  FreeCell 20:51 26 May 2007

Great news on the new home network. Suggest you open a new post with your request as this one is ticked resolved and you will get more responses.

Sorry this one is not in my area of "expertise" so can't answer myself. Most streaming kit seems to be wireless but there must boxes with network connection out there.

  fitshase 10:17 27 May 2007

You could look at this:-

click here

They were at the Ideal Home Show (click here) and, talking to the guy on the stand, he said they come to your home and survey what equipment you currently have and what you would like to do.

They then supply anything you don't have, fit the equipment, set it up and then cover you with 2 years of support.

It sounds like you have most of the equipment so the cost will be lower.

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