Home Networking...Aaahhhh!

  livewire 21:41 07 Apr 2004

Blimey! Home Networking is a nightmare!

I have connected both computers with an Rj 45 cable.

In the system tray I have an Icon and baloon saying on both computers saying Local Area Connection enabled. Except they just wont interact at all. I have tried the Home Netorking Wizard hundreds of times to no avil.
On my netowrk between two computers I hope to:
Share the Shared Documents folder, Share a printer and share an AOL Broadband connection.

How can I go about this?

Any help would be super!

Thanks in advance!

  Indigo 1 22:16 07 Apr 2004

My old thread might help if you haven't seen it click here

  AcidBurn7uk 22:24 07 Apr 2004

livewire, welcome to my personal hell, having problems here as well.

First of all, if your connecting computer-computer that the cable will need to be "Crossed Over" This means youh have to swap 2 pairs of wires ariund inside the actual plug (Green and blue), but don't try this yourself!! Take it to your local computer shop and they may do it for you, or you may be able to but a little adapter like I did, saves re-wiring the cable in the future)
If you have Computer-Hub-Computer then you should be able to go onto the next step.

Which is....

ditch the network setup wizard, I find it useless!!

Make sure these are all set properly on BOTH machines. (I am going to assume that you are using XP, don't know my wat round 98/me and 2000 is boring) but the same principles apply

A) Both computer have the same workgroup name!
Control Panel->System->Computer Name (Tab) and click change. This can be anything, literally. I have SIMPSONS and my Dad has REDDWARF. THEY MUST BE THAE SAME ON BOTH MACHINES!!!!

B) Make sure that both computers have different "full computer names" For reference sake, say you have your workgroup name set to SIMPSONS, your main machine may be called HOMER while your Sons may be called BART!

C) A couple of questions?

1) What Operating system, people can offer better advice if you tell us this!

2) Are you using Computer-Computer OR Computer-HUB-Computer?

  AcidBurn7uk 22:24 07 Apr 2004

by writing a long explanation, somebody posts a link to a good thread, ah well!

  livewire 22:28 07 Apr 2004

Thanks for the link...

However I didnt quite find what I was looking for-or it was too complicated :)

I have been searching the net but it seems very tricky..

  Forum Editor 22:29 07 Apr 2004

is to buy a broadband router. These are available for Ethernet or USB modem connections, or with built-in modems. You can get routers for wired or wireless networks.

Then buy a couple of Network Interface cards (NICs) and install one of them in each computer. If you want to use a wired network you'll connect each computer to the router, so that you can access the Internet from each computer without the other one being on. Ditto for a wireless network, except that the Network cards will be of the wireless variety (you can get external USB models that are simplicity itself to install and configure).

If you have WindowsXP on at least one computer you should run the networking wizard on it, and accept the offer to make a floppy disk for use on the other machine.

Make sure that you use the same workgroup name on both machines (MSHOME by default).

It should be straightforward enough with that hardware, but I would say that wouldn't I?

  livewire 22:31 07 Apr 2004

Windows XP on both Machines

Computer to COmputer crossover cable.

Hope that helps.

Thanks so far!


  livewire 22:33 07 Apr 2004

I Havent got the maoney to buy a router at the moment- is there anyway of setting up a network just to share and transfer files and Share a printer?

  Indigo 1 22:37 07 Apr 2004

I would recommend the FE's suggestion of running the Network Setup Wizard and Creating af;oppy which you then install into second machine..It really couldn't be simpler.

Make sure Shared Folders is available to both and then just drag and drop to the shared folder.

  Forum Editor 22:39 07 Apr 2004

on either machine? Disable it if you do, and see if it makes a difference. If it does, you'll need to configure it to allow file transfer.

  accord 22:53 07 Apr 2004

As home networking is big boom at the moment, surely it would be in all the manufacturers of network hardwares interest to make it as easy a possible to install the darn things.

How many threads have i seen in this forum about how painful it is installing / setting up a home network?

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