Home networking Win 2000 help please

  Ray5776 18:11 26 Nov 2005

I am trying to set up a home network, 2 computers both W2k pro. One has internet connection that I would like to share. I have spent days on this and think I am missing something fundamental. Can anybody guide me through this step by step. I have read articles but everything seems to be geared to
XP. Think I understand the basics but so far have not been able to network the 2 machines let alone the internet connection. Using a direct connection with a crossover cable. Any help much appreciated.

Thanks Ray

  LastChip 18:20 26 Nov 2005

Make sure both machines are in the same Workgroup.

Make sure each machine has a unique name.

Make sure any firewalls for the duration of setting the network up, are disabled.

Make sure each machine has an identical user profile - in other words, if you're Sam on computer one, with a password of Saturday, make sure there is a user on computer two that is Sam with a password of Saturday.

Once you have checked all this, post back with the result please.

  Ray5776 19:15 26 Nov 2005

Both machines are same workgroup,
Each has a different name,
Each has an identical user profile
I disabled the firewall.

When I did ping test, host timed out but client worked. This is a step forward as neither worked with the firewall on.


  LastChip 20:39 26 Nov 2005

I need you to check some information.

On each machine and on your desktop, right-click My Network Places and select Properties. Now right-click Local Area Connection; Properties and see what you have.

On a default system, you will probably have;

Client for Microsoft Networks

File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks

Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

Each associated box should be ticked.

Is that the case on each machine?

  Ray5776 21:41 26 Nov 2005

Hi again, thanks for getting back.
Enabled on Host
Client Services for Netware
Client for Microsoft Networks
File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks
QoS Packet scheduler
NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocol
Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

Enabled on Client
All above apart from
QoS Packet scheduler

  Ray5776 21:43 26 Nov 2005

Hi again, I have given the full list in case it matters.


  LastChip 22:22 26 Nov 2005

The only three that you need, are those I mentioned, but the others wont do any harm. It is good practice though, not to have services running that are not required. This limits system overhead and possible hacking opportuities.

However, lets delve a little deeper. Navigate back to where you found the list of services, now highlight Client for Microsoft Networks and select Properties. Check the Name Service Provider is;

Windows Locator.

Next, highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and select Properties. Under the General tab, let me know what is selected please.

  Ray5776 22:34 26 Nov 2005

Service provider= Windows Locator on Host & Client.
Selected on Host is
IP Address

Client IP


  LastChip 22:43 26 Nov 2005

What is it saying in the Default Gateway boxes?

  Ray5776 22:51 26 Nov 2005

Blank on both machines


  LastChip 22:57 26 Nov 2005

On each machine, go to a command prompt and type;


Come back with the result please.

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