Home networking software!!

  CutNpaste 20:24 20 Dec 2005

Hi everyone,
i saw a software in PC World that can configure and set up home network and another for wireless network. It does all the dirty work for u and can enable file sharing and printer sharing.

can any one please let me know of the softwares name please or an alternatives.


  mgmcc 20:37 20 Dec 2005

If you are using Windows XP, the networking wizard built in should do what you want without having to pay for third-party software.

  CutNpaste 21:04 20 Dec 2005

i tried it but dont fully understand it and it didnt even work and want something that would do all the dirt work for me.
any suggestions!!

  mgmcc 22:51 20 Dec 2005

Perhaps if you give some details of the kit you are trying to network, it might be possible to make some suggestions. I cannot see third-party software being any more "user-friendly" than the existing wizards.

What do you not understand?

  CutNpaste 23:12 20 Dec 2005

ok here it goes!!
i got an ethernet port on my main pc.
i got ethernet port on my laptop.
i got a speedtouch wireless router modem (bebox).
i got two rj45 cables.

i want to be able to share files between my pc and laptop. i am able to share the internet.
i tried the network wizard and created a work group on both pc and laptop.
when i try to add a network place from the pc - it would show the laptop name under the work group but not the shared folder in the laptop.

ok!! when i do the same to my laptop then i can only view the work group but not the PC in the work group.
i thought this could be due to tht TCP/IP settings so i had a look at both machines and they are both on automatic IP.

So, what is actually going on?
i was successfully able to bridge my laptop and PC and using an ICS connection, i was able to share files,
so why now that i got a router - i cannot connect.
any suggestions???

  mgmcc 00:03 21 Dec 2005

If both PCs have internet access via the router then the network is set up properly and the IP addresses must be OK. Do you have any firewall software instaled which might be blocking access to the networked computers?

If you previously configured a firewall to allow access when you were running ICS, the settings may have to be updated because the router is allocating different IP addresses.

  CutNpaste 19:31 21 Dec 2005

thanks mgmcc,
it was infact my firewall settings.


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