Home Networking Problem - Please Help!

  Peter C 00:30 06 Feb 2003

I have 2 computers in the house, 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs.
The Upstairs is a P4 2.53Ghz with Windows XP
The Downstairs is a P4 850 with Windows ME

They are connected to each other with Standard Ethernet cards, and Cat 5 cable (Cross over).

When upstairs, click on Entire Network, and I can see both computers. I can double click mine (upstairs) and it lets me browse it etc... but when I click on the other computer, it says that I don't have permissions for it. It also says Network Path Not Found!

Can anyone help me out please! Have spent 2 blimmin days trying so far!.........

  billyliv 00:33 06 Feb 2003

Hi, Just to ease your mind , I have spent 4 months trying to sort it out. Cheers, Bill

  Peter C 00:48 06 Feb 2003

Ease my mind! That's made me feel like giving up!

The computers are directly connected, and im seeing the downstairs computer in the Entire Network Folder on the upstairs computer.

But when i try and open it, it says i dont have the right permissions, and Network Path not found!

How do i sort this out!!??

Thanks for your comment though! LoL

  Legolas 05:53 06 Feb 2003

Make sure that the firewall in winXP is turned off

  y_not 06:34 06 Feb 2003

If no files are shared then you will be able to see the PC but not access it.

  billyliv 00:57 07 Feb 2003

Hi, At long last I have sussed it out. I have ordered a Linkseys Router from DABS only to be told that they are awaiting stock, yet when I placed my order they specifically stated that they had 7 items in stock. On the same theme I ordered an EPSON C42 from another supplier only to be told that they are also awaiting stock again assuring me that the said items were in stock and to cap all it I was sent a special offer to purchase a 4 port USB hub at a special price, that was two weeks ago and I haven't heard a whisper since. I am getting a bit wary of buying online. Cheers, Bill

  howard60 06:42 07 Feb 2003

on the nic not seeing the network 'supposedly' go to properties and disable the card. Reboot and then enable the card. Sometimes this is enough to get it going again other times a reboot after the enable is useful.

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