home networking PLEASE HELP

  Baynesey 19:46 04 Jul 2005

hi all,
I'm a new member, so hi.

Dont no if this is in the right place so sorry if not.

I'm a total novice when it comes to computer, but me and my bro would like to set a home network up and share an internet connection. we both have ethernet network adaptors 10/100 ( dont no if that means anything.)

I've brought an ethernet cable to link the two but i dont no what to do next.

Ive read that i dont need a hub because its only to computers is this true,

Ive run the network wizard, but i cant get them to connect Please help.

If anyone can help please try not to use to much jargon.

thanks in advance

  01chris 20:40 04 Jul 2005

you need a crossover cable (click here)

run the network wizard without the cable plugged in. tell it to "ignore dissconnected hardware" and finish the wizard. Then plug the cable in and reboot both computers. It should work now.

Post again if need be

  Baynesey 20:56 04 Jul 2005

do both pcs need to be connected to the internet.

  mgmcc 22:17 04 Jul 2005

<<< do both pcs need to be connected to the internet.>>>

No, you have a "host" PC which connects to the Internet and you enable "Internet Connection Sharing" on its actual connection to the internet (the modem). This will automatically configure the Local Area Connection's TCP/IP settings with the IP address and subnet mask

The "client" PC has its Local Area Connection's TCP/IP settings configured to get its IP address automatically, which it does from the "host" PC.

The "client" then has internet access provided the "host" is online.

Any firewall software needs to be configured to allow access to the networked PCs by entering their IP addresses in the "trusted" area and, if you are using Zone Alarm in the "host" PC, the Internet Zone Security level must be reduced from High to Medium or Internet Connection sharing traffic will be blocked.

  Baynesey 23:15 04 Jul 2005

do i need a hub for an etherent network, with only 2 computers.

  Baynesey 23:16 04 Jul 2005

do i need a hub for an etherent network, with only 2 computers.

  Baynesey 23:28 04 Jul 2005

do i need a hub for an etherent network, with only 2 computers.

  retep888 00:50 05 Jul 2005

follow 01chris's and mgmcc's advises,you shouldn't have any problem.

You don't need a hub for an ethernet network between two computers just a crossover cable.

A hub (I would prefer a switch)will give you more scope as you can add more computers to the network if needed but then you have to use straight thru' cable(patch)instead of crossover one.


  Baynesey 01:29 05 Jul 2005

sorry about all them posted my computer played up eariler,

ive followed all ur tips but i still cant get the two computers to reconzine that they are connected.

  retep888 13:48 05 Jul 2005

If you go to the network connection place on your host PC (the one which connects to internet),can you see your dialup ISP icon with words like Connected,Shared or even Firewalled?

And on your client PC ,at the righthand bottom corner,can you see 2 tiny TV screens?

Is there any red cross or yellow exclamination mark?

Are there any error messages such as "a network cable is unplugged , low or no connectivity" when you boot up?

Are you sure you're using crossover cable?

  sgoku 14:10 05 Jul 2005

You need to make sure the computer have an IP address something like 192.198.1.x both machine need one

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