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  casper69 12:04 05 Apr 2006

i want to make a home network in my room with 2 computers and maybe a laptop can anyone give me an idea of which is best wireless or cable connection and can anyone give me a list of what i need and cost please. Also i need the 2 computers to be able to access the internet and run both at the same internet connection speed and maybe have the laptop access the internet as well.

p.s. the two computers will be about 25 feet apart running on windows xp home edition.


  BurrWalnut 14:40 05 Apr 2006

If you're on Broadband and using a telephone line you want something like this click here which comes with an Ethernet cable to connect the 'main' computer. The other 2 computers could be wired for about £5 each or a wi-fi adapter can be plugged in to the USB port for about £30 (each) click here or a WG511 which is less intrusive on a laptop than a USB adapter. If you have a newish laptop it may well be wi-fi ready.

If you using Broadband with a cable company have a look click here

  ade.h 17:15 05 Apr 2006

As per BurrWalnut's post, we'll need to know whether you are a cable or ADSL user.

We'll also need to know what OS each PC has (XP I hope?) and whether the laptop has built-in wireless connectivity. It should really, but some don't. It'll at least have an Ethernet port, almost certainly.

General advice: To wifi network a desktop, a PCI wifi adapter (preferably with a proper aerial) is the best choice by a long way. For laptops that lack built-in wireless capability, PCMCIA adapters are generally best, provided you have a PC Card slot. If not, it has to be a USB adapter.

  casper69 17:38 05 Apr 2006

i have broadband so cable prob, all will be on win xp home edition and the laptop i havent got yet it will mostly be wireless but then i may buy a cheap one without

  ade.h 17:41 05 Apr 2006

Broadband can either be cable or ADSL. Can't advise further until I know which it actually is, as getting the wrong type of router will leave you stuck.

By hook or by crook, beg borrow or steal enough money to budget for a laptop with built-in wireless. It is highly likely to save you some aggro, and with networking, the less potential for aggro, the better things will be.

  casper69 18:00 05 Apr 2006

how do i find out if its cable or ADSL?

  ade.h 18:31 05 Apr 2006

Well, do you use a cable provider - Telewest and NTL are the only ones that I can think of - or do you use a regular ADSL ISP - (too many to list). Majorly important that you find this out.

  casper69 19:16 05 Apr 2006

i have an ADSL im sure now as im on with wannadoo and have an isp

  ade.h 19:44 05 Apr 2006

Yep, that's ADSL (Assymetric Digital Subscriber Line).

So you need a modem/router.

  InXP 14:10 06 Apr 2006

I'm on Wanadoo broadband. I've used all Belkin components for my wireless network. I've got 1 PC (Win 98SE) cabled into an ADSL Modem with Wireless-G Router F5D7632uk4, PC (XP Pro with Wireless G USB Network Adapter F5D7050uk), 1 laptop (XP Home with 802.11g Wireless Notebook Network Card F5D7010uk) and 1 laptop with built in wi-fi. The wired PC is upstairs, the second PC is downstairs and the laptops are used around the house. I've had no problems to speak of.

  casper69 17:58 06 Apr 2006

if i do use the wireless router and connect the other pc and laptop with the wireless usb network adater will i need a switch to run all of them at the same connection speed or will they run all the same without a switch

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