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  mouseman 21:56 08 Jul 2004

I have just set up a PC and Wireless laptop via ethernet router/access point.

I can now access the internet via both

However the computer dont 'see' each other and I want to share folders.

What have I missed?

Please help.

  johnsims 21:58 08 Jul 2004

Have you set up file sharing by right clicking on the drives in my computer and selecting sharing, then enabling same?

  mouseman 22:07 08 Jul 2004


Have shared C drive on laptop and D drive on PC.

However, it seems both computer only see the router and not each other.

  johnsims 22:09 08 Jul 2004

1. What OS is running on each machine?
2. are the workgroup names the same on each machine?

  mouseman 22:16 08 Jul 2004

PC running XP Pro
Laptop running XP home

Workgroup names are the same

Thanks for help johnsims

  johnsims 22:24 08 Jul 2004

Have you run the network set up wizard and created a floppy for use on the other machine?

  mouseman 22:28 08 Jul 2004

Have run network set up but did not make a floppy.

I choose the CD option

  Gaz 25 22:29 08 Jul 2004

You must have everything on the same workgroup.

And the router must be set for LAN.

+ ensure that at least one PC has a share.

  johnsims 22:30 08 Jul 2004

But you did take the settings created from one machine to the other and run it again on the second machine using the file on the cd to import settings into second machine?

  mouseman 22:35 08 Jul 2004

import settings?

No? I put the cd in one then the other and ran set up. Cant see how I imported aything

gaz 25

same workgroup
router is set for LAN
both comps have a shre drive

  johnsims 22:37 08 Jul 2004

did you run it from the cd in the second machine. Not from control panel

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