Home network setup (novice) via cable

  hard drive 18:21 03 Feb 2006

I have a cable B/B connection with NTL, the modem is connected to my computer via USB, I do not have an ethernet card in my computer although the cable modem which is an NTL:home 120 has both connections on it.
I do have spare PCI slots if I need an ethernet card.

I am getting a laptop soon a would like advice on the best way to set up my network, obviously the laptop is wifi enabled already.

I keep finding adsl routers on websites, I don't think I need one of those but just something to plug my cable modem's output into, to broadcast round the house.
I would then use wifi for the laptop but still plug my main computer into the router.
I would like the network to work without having to power up the main computer.

I am sure this is faily simple to do but find the cable modem bit confuses me as it is not ADSL,


  hard drive 18:25 03 Feb 2006

Could anyone advise on what product would be suitable ie compatable with my cable modem?

Thanks again

  beerhunter 18:48 03 Feb 2006

You may not need and ADSL router because you have a cable modem for upstream (ADSL) connectivity. However, you DO need a router. Get one that will take the output (ethernet) of your existing cable modem. The router will then provide Wi-Fi and wired ethernet for your computers. I'm not very up on cable modems just describe your cable modem (make, model,and ISP) to a potential supplier and ask if their routers will work with it.

  mgmcc 19:29 03 Feb 2006

You need a stand-alone wireless router, often described as a "Wireless Cable/DSL Router". Don't confuse the reference to DSL with routers that are *combined* routers and ADSL modems - these are only for ADSL broadband delivered via the phone line and cannot be connected to the cable broadband service.

Suitable models are:

Belkin - click here

Linksys - click here

Netgear - click here

  keewaa 19:37 03 Feb 2006

You also will need a PCI Network Interface Card (NIC) for the computer. These are only £10 and take 10 minutes to fit. The modem will plug into the router, and the PC will plug into one of the 4 ethernet ports. You won't be using USB anymore.

  hard drive 20:52 03 Feb 2006

Many thanks for the help guys.

So I do need an ethernet card, and a router (not adsl modem)

I have no ethernet cables, do routers come with them?

I think I need 2, 1 from cable modem to router and 1 from router to computer network card. Searching the web is it an RJ-45 to RJ-45 cable I would need 2 of?
or is it called something else.

Sorry for the Q's just want to get everthing in one order to save running about.

mgmcc many many thanks for the links they are a lot of help.

  hard drive 21:00 03 Feb 2006

Just another quick Q,

when I go from USB to ethernet will I notice any increase in speed?

Comp is AMD Athlon XP1800 running windows XP sp2.

  keewaa 22:21 03 Feb 2006

Yes you need an ethernet card, and a router (not adsl modem). I'd advise you buy one of the wireless version mgmcc recommends as they are only £5 more than non-wireless and give you the option of wireless in the future. They should come with one ethernet patch cat5e cable, and you'll need to buy another (Amazon have 1m,2,3,5,10,15,20,30m all under £10). You won't notice any change in speed, just ethernet gives less problems.

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