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  chugby 21:07 25 Feb 2005

Want to network(wired) two computers for internet(broadband)/file/printer sharing. Have the general idea but would like to check my understanding and setup ok, or grateful for any suggestions. I was initially looking to share internet access via Ebuyer 4 Port SPI Firewall ADSL Modem Router
click here
(key in item no. 48449)
Using Belkin Cat5e Moulded UTP Crossover Cable
click here
(key in item no. 50013)

Existing PC(1), currently WinME, I was to add a
Belkin 10/100 PCI + WOL Ethernet Card
click here
(key item no. 63323).

The new PC(2), WinXP, will have a Gigabit LAN
built into the motherboard.

Some questions I have are:
Is the Modem/Router sufficient to link both computers, does this act as the hub.

Are the Gigabit LAN and ethernet 10/100 and
cable connections all compatible to each other
and the ModemRouter. Would a Gigabit PCI
ethernet card be better for PC(1)click here
(key in item 77798)

Assume will be ok to network WinME & XP but
PC(1) only has the Retailers Recovery CD,
would this be a problem.

Understand will need AV software for both PC's,
would there be any specific issues/conflicts
incl the built in RouterModem firewall.

Many thanks

  FelixTCat 22:44 25 Feb 2005

Your basic concept is OK. You connect each pc to the router, but you must use normal ethernet cable, not cross-over.

I think you are slightly confusing the roles of routers and hubs - for these purposes a router is a more intelligent hub.

You do not need a Gigabyte network card; only buy one if there is no price premium over a normal interface card since your router cannot work gigabyte ethernet; you would also need different cable (Cat 5e).

You should have no trouble with the Win ME setup - the retailer should have installed the necesary cab files in a sub-directory on the hard disk.

As well as anti-virus, you would be advised to run a firewall on both computers. Win XP has a firewall with very limited capability, but ME has none. They will not conflict with the router's firewall.

  chugby 23:25 25 Feb 2005

thanks for looking at this for me.

are all ethernet cables the same,
looking at the Belkin RG58 Thin Ethernet Cable 50ohm BNC 1m
click here
(key code 22853). would this be ok?

  chugby 12:18 26 Feb 2005

...also wasnt sure if the cable & connectors ok.

noted your comments on the Firewall, thanks for that. On one of the reviews for this Modem/Router have noticed today that a comment made on Network Security that "...beware that this router by default allows remote administration by HTTP and telnet. Both of these are by default accessible to the WAN side.."
and recommends changing Admin password and disable FTP and TFTP, via the Misc Configuration screen, Create Virtual Servers on TCP ports 21, 23 and 80 which pass through to a non-existant IP address on your LAN. click here
Do you think this is necessary if Firewalls on both PC's?

  FelixTCat 13:56 26 Feb 2005

No, the one you suggest has the wrong connectors. A basic cable is all you need, like eBuyer code 43778. This one is 3 metres (10 feet). If you need a longer cable, buy the same specification.

Yes, you should disable remote administration. This would allow someone to hack into your router from the web, change your settings and really give you a hard time. I wouldn't bother with the virtual server business - what would be more important would be to stealth your ports if that is an option in the router. That way, nobody from outside will see that you exist. Also turn off response to ping if that is an option.

You should ALWAYS change the default password of any device you buy. Hackers know all these and is the first thing they will try to hack into your system.

  chugby 16:54 26 Feb 2005

thanks for all the info, (didnt think the connectors looked right and saved me buying wrong one!) cheers

  FelixTCat 17:12 26 Feb 2005

You're welcome. If you're ready, please give this the green tick

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