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  snoresloudly 19:00 07 Apr 2003

I am currently in the process of setting up a home network, this will involve 2 pc's both running win me and connected with a cross over cable?. The problem that I think I will have is getting both pc's to share the freeserve broadband connection. I have read various posts etc that all seem to indicate that I should be connecting the 2 pc's by using a router, but I am rather hoping (due to cost) that I will be able to use a software solution. Various programmes have been recommended to me (most cost alot) but a friend has suggested using Winproxy. Will this work? and is it relativly easy to sort out?.
Any suggestions in laymans terms would be welcome.

  spaciousmonti 20:34 07 Apr 2003

You should be able to do it without all that fuss.
1. Get a good firewall on your main pc that will connect to the internet, work with it and make sure its very secure.

2. Connect your two pcs together and get them to work as a little network, make sure your pc's have permanent IP addresses, no this will not be a security rick bear with me.

3. When you havethem set up in network connections you should have two connections on display, now enable internet connection sharing on the connection with the internet.

4. on the second pc set the ip address up manually and enter the main pcs ip address as the gateway, you will also need to find out your isps DNS server address, this should be on their website.
i.e Main PC= IP address
second PC IP address
subnet mask for both should be
the gateway for the second pc is the IP address of the main PC.

5. Ensure that the firewall has the IP address of your second pc as a trusted connection or nothing will happen.

Its best to try nd get ll this set up without the firewall running and then when you know it works try to get the firewall going, then you will know if it dont work it is the firewall causing the trouble and it will be easier to solve.

Good luck

  snoresloudly 08:58 08 Apr 2003


Thanks for the easy to read & understand reply, will try this as soon as got time


  slimbo51 19:21 08 Apr 2003

I have been using a prog called ANALOGX (Free d/load on net).
Easy to set up and has never failed to work.
The instructions which come with it are spot on.
Would recommend it to anyone.
Good Luck.

  snoresloudly 20:02 08 Apr 2003

Thanks to both who replied, will try 1st method and if all else fails will d/load analogx, (if that fails will post back)!!


  interzone55 20:17 08 Apr 2003

You've tick this as resolved, but one small point.

Freeserve don't like people sharing broadband connections, so they've set up a little routine that checks if you're connecting through a proxy, this bounces you to a page instructing you how to remove the proxy setting.

You will be bounced to this page every few days, when it happens just click home & you will be back to normal on your main PC, occasionally you will now be able to get past this page on the second PC. You cannot complain about this because Freeserves Terms and Conditions set out the fact that the Home connection is for 1 PC only.

  snoresloudly 20:33 08 Apr 2003


Thanks for that titbit, have now re-read the TAC's for broadband and cannot see that restriction anywhere!!, perhaps you could point me ti the relevant bit?, have you found this out from personal uasage? and if so have you managed to overcome it?


  interzone55 21:22 08 Apr 2003

I use Freeserve & come across this every few days, on the main PC just clicking the home button gets me past the page, but on my wife's sometimes she can't get past at all, so just leaves it for a while.

From the FAQ
click here
How many computers can be connected to my broadband connection?

Freeserve Broadband allows you to directly connect one computer.

I'd say this allows them to do it.

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