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  Lead 06:04 15 Apr 2003

I am having trouble getting my 2 PCs to share files/printers.

I am using XP Pro on each machine.

My router is the Belkin 4 port Cable/DSL Gateway.

Cable Modem is the Surfboard 4200.

Everything was hunky-dory before I changed my WorkGroup settings for a LAN party (i15).

Each PC has an internet connection. I can ping each PC from the other. But when viewing ‘workgroup computers’, sometimes one PC shows itself and the other, whereas the other doesn’t; sometimes it’s the other way around!

Whichever PC shows nothing, I get the same error message ‘…unable to join workgroup…check rights with admin…’. When trying to access the 2nd PC from the one which shows the workgroup, I get an error message ‘…you do not have permission…check rights with admin…’. (Again, the same error message on each PC.)

However, if I type the IP address of the 'other' PC in the address bar it displays all the shared folders and I can explore to my hearts content. But if i type the PC name, I get the same errors as outlined above.

It looks like the IP addresses and PC names have become 'detached'. But I'm not sure why, or how to fix it.

I have run the ‘Network Wizard’ on each PC, several times, in different orders.

I have reset the router to factory defaults, updated the firmware (same problem before update) and reconfigured that from scratch.

I have XP firewall off.

I have enabled file sharing on both PCs.

I have uninstalled the NICs in each PC (not physically removed them, though) and reconnected the CM, Router, PCs from scratch.

Each PC is configured to be in the same workgroup.

Since the LAN, I have run a full virus scan with NAV2003 Pro - all clear.

  AndySD 06:26 15 Apr 2003

Try going Start/All Programs/Accessories and choose Command prompt. Type in..

ipconfig /release

and hit Enter. Now type in

ipconfig /renew

and hit enter....

Repeat on the other pc. Has it sorted the problem?

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