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  Psychojoy 18:04 05 Nov 2005

Evening all,

I have a small home network set up: A wireless router with my pc on a wireless connection. I have another pc which is running server 2003 that I want to connect to the internet to register and update. I tried connecting to two machines with cat 5 and a hub and then shared the internet connection. My pc can ping both the server and the router, but the server can only ping my pc. Also I find my internet connection disappears if I have both networks running; if I disable the wired connection to the server, I get the internet back.

I am so confused. I have the router at with my wireless card at My wired network card is and the server is on All subnet masks are at Would this not work or am I being a muppet? Windows automatically changed ip addresses for me and I shall play a bit more with them. Any ideas or suggestions would be great!

  Psychojoy 20:15 05 Nov 2005

Three hours of trying to figure it out - I gave up! I just stuck the server on the router in the other room and put vnc on the box. It kind of sucks but I guess it'll do until someone comes up with a solution!


  mgmcc 22:51 05 Nov 2005

Why do you not have both computers connected to the router in a single 192.168.1.xxx subnet?

If you enable "Internet Connection Sharing" on the PC's wireless connection, that will configure the Local Area Connection with the standard / address and the "server" will get an address in this subnet. By changing the subnet mask to throughout, the two subnets may be able to communicate but you have a conflict with the router's DHCP server allocating IP addresses throughout the network. Internet Connection Sharing might also stop working if the "host" adapter doesn't have the standard subnet mask.

As a matter of interest, what would happen if you gave the router an IP address such as and disabled DHCP, gave the wireless adapter the fixed address, enabled ICS so the wired adapter has and either let the server get its address by DHCP from the ICS "host" or give it a fixed address too. The subnet mask can then be left as throughout.

  Psychojoy 00:06 12 Nov 2005

I think it was a problem with the ICS on my box. Even with both adapters on a 192.168.1.xxx address the network would not work.

I have now extended a wired network across the house and I can now get proper bandwidth for file transfers which is good!

Cheers for the help, but seems I need a clean build of my box to see if that is the problem.

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