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  gabi68 13:48 10 Oct 2008

Hi to all,

I am trying to connect 2 computers (maybe more in future) with a T-link hub and BT modem.
Unitil now I do:
- cable from 1st comp to modem;
- cable from modem to T-link;
- cable from 2rd comp to T-link;
- cable from printer to T-link;
- run network wizz and set up all.
I am able to run both comp on internet
- I see desktop comp (1st) from 2rd comp but I cannot access any icons (are disabled - look like an unknown icon).
One comp (1st) has Win Xp Pro sp3 and another (2rd) has Win Xp Pro sp2 if that it is important. Both comp are Hp's with recovery disk'sand Windows firewall activated. 1st comp has Kaspersky AV installed, 2rd has Norton Symantec AV.
Now, can anybody help me to solve my problem?

Thank you in advance
A step by step tut will be awesome

  bobbybowls 14:34 10 Oct 2008

do you mean d link?
connect hub to modem.
connect everything else to hub.

is the modem a router/modem or just a modem? if it is just a modem you would be better using a router, rather than a hub.

  gabi68 14:59 10 Oct 2008


It is a modem not a router modem. My problem is I cannot access icons from 1st comp from 2rd comp. can you help me with that (icons lost shortcuts)?


  bobbybowls 15:38 10 Oct 2008

when you say icons do you mean folders, programs or what? have you enabled file sharing click here
try temporarily turning off your av and see if that helps.

  gabi68 15:58 10 Oct 2008

Sorry, I forgot to mention - that icons are for some programs. I will try to disable AV and I'll report back what I receive.


  bobbybowls 22:03 28 Dec 2008

sorry forgot about this post.

you cannot access a program on another pc from a different pc. you will have to install the program on the pc you want to use it on.

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