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  The Morl Man 09:54 11 Oct 2006

i have my laptop wirelessly networked via a router to my desktop and vice versa....

i can access things on the laptop from the desktop

but cant access things on the desktop from the laptop

i get this error...

[img]click here[/img]

Any help ?

The home network set up wizard wont run from the desktop

i get this error:-

[img]click here[/img]

  terryf 09:58 11 Oct 2006

What os are you using on each PC?

  The Morl Man 10:52 11 Oct 2006

the desktop has XP pro

and laptop XP home

  The Morl Man 12:01 11 Oct 2006

anyone got any ideas? :(

  daxian 12:33 11 Oct 2006

hi the morl man ....
firewall.....have you configured it to allow access???Dave.

  The Morl Man 12:36 11 Oct 2006

yeah mate, i'm running mcafee all in one on both machines and both are configured.

when i try and run the network wizard on the desktop, it always comes up with that error message, no matter what type of network setup i select...

  daxian 12:51 11 Oct 2006

hi again
may have to set the network up manually .
do you know the ip address of the router?
usually or similar.
if you have the networks set to auto detect settings from the router sometimes because of a setup problem with the wizard one or more of the pc's will get the wrong address and so will not be able to "see" the other pc or router.
check the ip address of both pc's and the router,they should all be similar i.e just the last number different.Dave

  The Morl Man 13:13 11 Oct 2006

hi mate,

the ip of the router is

Desktop is

and Laptop is

  daxian 13:20 11 Oct 2006

hi again ...
all setup is ok then .
are you setup as admin for the laptop?
when you did the original setup did you specify file and printer shareing on both pc's?
it sounds like the lapptop might not have it enabled or you dont have admin rights when logged on .

  daxian 13:24 11 Oct 2006

hi again
i have to go out now but will check back later this afternoon.....Dave

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