Home network - computer mssing

  Mumcookie 16:34 13 Apr 2009

We have set up a network at home. Both my Son and I appear to be on the network and can connect to the internet but we cannot see each other can anyone help please ?

  Graphicool1 17:11 13 Apr 2009

To find the answers to your questions, you would do better talking to the people who specialise in this. I suggest you close down this thread and open a new one in the 'Networking' forum.

To close this thread scroll down till you see a button on the right with 'Resplved' on it and an empty box along side of it. Click the box and a tick will appear, then click 'Resolved'

On the righthand side of this page you will see a list of the 'Forums', scroll down and click on 'Networking' :¬]

  Technotiger 17:12 13 Apr 2009

You need to go into Shared options on each computer in order to be able to 'see' each other. For a start, right-click on C: and you should then discover for yourself what you need to do.

  Technotiger 17:13 13 Apr 2009

Hi - this is not strictly speaking a Network problem.

  ambra4 17:17 13 Apr 2009

Double posting

click here

  Technotiger 17:19 13 Apr 2009

More detailed instructions here - you should be able to skip to the Sharing part .... click here

  Technotiger 17:20 13 Apr 2009

Cheers - I had not seen that earlier post .... Grrrrr!!

  Mumcookie 17:49 13 Apr 2009

I have been told to go to the networking forum so I am pretending that this has been resolved.

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