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  JACC 23:52 04 Jan 2008

I have a Livebox with a pc and an xbox 360 with a wired connection to both , works fine so far.What i would like to do is setup a network for another xbox 360, a Wii and another pc.I can't set it up wired as there is not enough room under the floorboards to send one one the kids down to drag the cable , :-(, i would try it myself but i think i would get stuck in the hatch never mind under the floor,HAHA.Any ideas of what i would need or even if it is possible to setup.One pc has Vista Ultimate(connected to the livebox)and the other is XPPro.Thankyou.

  conan_troutman 11:11 05 Jan 2008

if I am correct the live box has wifi capabilities..if so then you need a gaming adapter for each of the items you wish to connect...see here

click here

or a wireless bridge either will work

click here

the belkin one uses the earthnet port so will connect anything that has one to your live box via wifi

the xbox one runs from the usb port I do not know if it will run from another device that has a USB port but defo with the xbox

the belkin will also run from a device that has two usb ports ont to connect and one to draw power from that way you don not hav to have it plugged into the mains...I use the belkin one to run my LAN drive...I am going to try a wired router to the belkin one soon to see if it will also connect my playstation at the sane time

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