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  JimT 12:44 18 Jan 2007

I've just bought a laptop and a Belkin wireless modem router.

I can access the internet from my pC and laptop, but I'm trying to access the PC from the laptop and vice versa and can't.

I assume it's something to do with the firewalls. I've got Kapersky ant-hacker on the PC and ZA on the laptop.

Windows XP Pro on laptop, and XP Home on PC.


  Blitzer 13:00 18 Jan 2007

Yeh, you need to set-up your firewalls so they allow the access from one PC to another - add your network to the trusted zone in ZA for example. HTH.

  JimT 13:16 18 Jan 2007

Thanks, Blitzer

When you say "add it" what do I enter in the Trusted Zone?


  Spark6 15:17 18 Jan 2007

Zone Alarm Control Centre > Firewall > Add name of computer and IP address in trusted zone . OK and apply. Can't help you with the Kapersky. HTH.

  JimT 19:04 18 Jan 2007

Thanks, Spark 6

How do I make sure I use the correct name of the computer the network will recognise, and where do I find the IP?


  L_Driver 19:25 18 Jan 2007

From a command prompt ( Start, Run , cmd )
key ipconfig
Look at IP for default gateway. It will be summat like

In Z/Alarm select Firewall + then Zones tab.
At bottom right select Add then IP Range.
Enter a trusted zone range of - ( this would consider 3 hosts in your network as "Trusted" ).

  thms 19:31 18 Jan 2007

Go to start/run and type cmd. This will open a dos screen. Type ipconfig/all this will give you list of your ip addresses. The one you want will probably be the dhcp server. Any name will do.

Don't know about kaspersky though.

  JimT 20:17 18 Jan 2007

Thanks very much everyone


  Spark6 23:13 18 Jan 2007

Only just come back, I hope you are sorted!

  harps1h 23:16 18 Jan 2007

for belkin the modem router address is
your computer will probably be
and so on for other networked hardware (eg) x-box or psp)

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