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  Ollyolly 11:25 22 Dec 2006

I'm under pressure from the family to undertake the following:
1. Purchase a laptop (possibly with VISTA on it)to add to the laptop and 2 desktop PC we currently have all running Win XP. No problem there.
2. Create a home wireless network for all four computers.

There appears to be masses of info available on the internet regarding setting up a network.

Can anyone point to a source they have tried and found useful?

Thank you

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:32 22 Dec 2006

Present connections?

What ISP?
Are you on broad band?
Cable modem / router or Usb adsl to phone / router?

  Ollyolly 11:47 22 Dec 2006

Sorry Fruitbat I didn't think of that.

ISP is tiscali
2Mb connection currently using and external modem.

I assume I will have to buy a router as the centrepiece of the network and that the incomming internet connection will plug into that instead of the modem.

  2neat 12:09 22 Dec 2006

Most ISP now throw in a wireless router. Ask Tiscali to send you one free, or you will be forced to migrate to another ISP who will throw one in for nowt!

  rodriguez 12:59 22 Dec 2006

You can buy wireless routers for about £40 or £50 and these will plug straight into your Tiscali DSL line. You'll need to get your login username and password from Tiscali to make it connect to the service and then you're away. Usually these routers don't plug in via USB so you'll need to make sure that the PC you're plugging it into has a network port to plug it in with the network cable. The wireless bit should also be pretty straightforward - when the wireless is enabled there should be a wireless light lit up. Then your laptop and other PC will need wireless adapters (laptop might have one built in) and they should pick the network up. Then you should set the encryption up in the router's configuration page to stop neighbours using your connection, but if you need more info about that I can put it here when you need it.

  Ollyolly 13:24 22 Dec 2006

Neat idea 2neat, I'll remember that.

  Ollyolly 15:10 22 Dec 2006

Thanks for your post
I understand most of what you have said but there are two things that stand out:

1. "need to get your login username and password from Tiscali to make it connect to the service".
Is this likely to be in addition to or instead of the name & password I currently have?

2. "make sure that the PC you're plugging it into has a network port to plug it in with the network cable."
I realise I will need some form of NIC to be put into both desktop PC but surley I won't have to run a wire from the PC to the router?

Hope you don't mind me being a pest.

  2neat 17:02 22 Dec 2006

this site will be of help click here
Merry Xmas

  howard64 19:09 22 Dec 2006

you should have your log in details from your isp on the letter you received to set up originally. All you need do is enter those details when you install the router/modem.

  woodchip 20:05 22 Dec 2006

All you need do to setup a MShome network, is Start all the Computers and printers that you want on the network, then go to Control Panel on one of the XP computer with a Floppy drive. Start the Network Wizard make a floppy when you get to the point. Then use this floppy on all the other computers by double clicking on the one file on the floppy disc to setup that comp to share the network. Do this on all the Computers with them all running. To share anything you right click it in Explorer choose share and do the settings

  skidzy 20:09 22 Dec 2006

To add to Woodchips advice,if no floppy drive...use a flashdrive.And follow the screen prompts.

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