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  oldnovice 19:35 04 Oct 2006

Hello i want to setup a home network my desktop is ntl cable ethernet connection through a modem not set top box my wifes laptop is wi fi enabled reading through the threads i have come to the conclusion all i need is a linksys wrt54g cable router to set up home network seems to simple am i right? and will we be able to share printer
desktop xp laptop xp pro
Thanks Dave

  ade.h 20:12 04 Oct 2006
  oldnovice 20:27 04 Oct 2006

Thanks ade.h started reading on that site not as easy as i thought will start again tomorrow with a clear head

  ade.h 20:29 04 Oct 2006

Any Qs, let me know. I'll be adding to the site very frequently in the next few days.

  oldnovice 11:29 11 Oct 2006

I have installed a linksys 54gs installed and working connected modem ethernet in desktop ethernet out the laptop has got internet connection but the desktop and laptop cant see each other have set up network on each comp with same workgroup name do i need to make my desktop wireless also for them to see each other thanks

  Strawballs 14:19 11 Oct 2006

No you can have mixed wired and wireless I have with the same router through NTL

  oldnovice 15:03 11 Oct 2006

hi Strawballs im also ntl how have you got yours set up mine must be wrong thanks

  Strawballs 21:31 13 Oct 2006

I have the router in my daughters room and her PC is conneted to it by Lan and it was this connection that I used to setup the router for wireless and security. I accessed the routers setup and enabled the wireless transmition and changed the name of the SSID from the default so I could pick it out easily and to hide the make of router to anybody within range I then put the wireless PCI card in my sons PC upstairs and installed the drivers only so as to let winows manage the wireless side, once done I clicked on the wireless icon in the toolbar and clicked on show availiable networks and picked out mine by the unique name I gave it and connected.

Once I knew that was working I accessed the router again and when to security and enabled WPA/ TKIP and entered my keyword and applied, when I then tried connecting with my sons PC it told me that it was WPA protected and asked me for the Keyword and once entered it worked fine.

Then when I got my laptop as I was setting it up for the first time it informed me that it had detected 1 or more wireless networks and gave me the list when I clicked on mine it asked for my WPA Keyword and when entered worked fine and has eversince.

  Danoh 00:10 14 Oct 2006

NTL cable modem -> Belkin MIMO router -> 4 computers.
1 wired Ethernet (+ printer), 2 MIMO wireless, 1 standard 802.11g laptop.
All sharing files/audio-video streaming, printer and internet sharing.

Yes, thats all that's needed.
Plus patience, research into (wired and wireless) networking, and methodical setting up.
And support from here, of course :-)

  oldnovice 22:00 10 Nov 2006

Wifes laptop went away for repair now got it back followed advice given in this forum and link given by ade.h now everything up and running thanks

  ripvan 17:02 03 Dec 2006

I am having trouble getting a home network setup.Pc is ethernet wired to linskey broadband router.New Acer laptop is into same router wirelessly,both running XP.Both work fine on internet etc.I just can't get them to talk each other for printer sharing etc.I have run the network wizards on each.However when I ask laptop to set up a connection it only shows the ethernet as being the option it wants to use to connect to a network.How do I get it to use the wireless connection.any help gratefully accepted.

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