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  Pesala 17:30 12 Apr 2003

I have made my own home page with NetObjects Fusion. Just a dozen or so links to my favourite forums and websites at the moment. Now every time I start Opera, my home page comes up and my favourite forums and websites are just one click away.

Any suggestions on how to enhance my simple idea without making it into an enormous project?

I didn't get much response to my earlier post. I wonder what others use for their home page?

  Lú-tzé 17:40 12 Apr 2003

Pesala - that is what I did one upon a time and I found it an excellent way to have my frequent pages at my finger tips.

Since then I have gotten used to accessing my favourites from the start menu and it loads my browser (Mozilla) in one click rather than two.

However, when I click on the "home" button, I still load my "home-made home page".

  mcullum_DX4Life 17:41 12 Apr 2003

I use NetObjects Fusion 7 and it is a very good program. How exactly do mean by "enhance" it?

  Pesala 18:04 12 Apr 2003

I don't really have any fresh ideas, hence this post. Simpicity is best. I have 25 text links to sites and forums I visit every day. I could also use icons. Just picking people's brains to see how they work. I have the huge list of favourites posted by someone else on the forum, plus quite a few of my own.

I have seven toolbars on two auoto-hiding taskbars at top and bottom of the screen with most of my programs, plus most used programs on my start menu: NetObjects Fusion 2.02 being one of them. The others are Corel Draw, Photopaint, Page Plus, Open Office, and WordPerfect.

My Start Menu taskbar is at the top of the screen as dragging the mouse down is more natural than dragging it up. On the top bar I have Quick Start, Accessories and my font tools. On the bottom taskbar I have Graphics Programs, System Tools, Reference Tools, and Multimedia.

What more does a man need?

  watchful 18:14 12 Apr 2003

Nothing by the sounds of it!

  Pesala 18:25 12 Apr 2003

Thanks Watchful. Living up to your nickname, as usual. What I need is someone called "Insightful" or "Creative" to drop by.

My desktop: click here

  watchful 18:39 12 Apr 2003

What do you mean...'as usual!'

I think you're just bored waiting around.

  « Ravin » 18:58 12 Apr 2003

hmm your home page is ok from the looks of it.. can't think of anything else to add to it... i use almose a similat setup with a picture in the middle for a bit of relief :D

in addition i have a few effects like a link becoming bold or a different color or a larger size when the mouse moves over it.. my eyesight isn't too good so i find the larger font option useful :o)

  « Ravin » 18:59 12 Apr 2003

excuse the typos :)

  « Ravin » 18:59 12 Apr 2003

excuse the typos :)

  Pesala 20:11 12 Apr 2003

Inspired, and you didn't even mention it. I should increase the font size (~_~)

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