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  Pesala 17:58 08 Apr 2003

I have made my own home page with NetObjects Fusion. Just a dozen or so links to my favourite forums and websites at the moment. Now every time I start Opera, my home page comes up and my favourite forums and websites are just one click away.

Any suggestions on how to enhance my simple idea without making it into an enormous project?

I tried adding a few of my favourite programs to the page, but got this error:


The address type is unknown or unsupported.

Anyone know why? Linking to MP3 files in this way seemed to work before. The file loaded in Windows Media player.

  Djohn 18:06 08 Apr 2003

Will you please add a link to your site, I did visit it when you where first setting it up, (Even added a comment to it).

I found it to be very interesting and informative, unfortunately, I forgot to bookmark it. J.

  Pesala 18:15 08 Apr 2003

I posted a question earlier about HTML code to link to MP3 files on a CD, and put the interface on my website so that people could preview it. That was just a temporary test and is now gone. My main website is still up and running though: click here

  Djohn 18:25 08 Apr 2003

Many thanks, I'm not sure if this is the finished work of the site I commented on, but it is what I required.

The site I referred to initially, was the one with the colour, and mono photo's on, and you asked for suggestions on layout and backgrounds.

I made a suggestion to fade the background down a little, so that the text stood out, and you agreed it would look better, If this site is the same one, then you have done an excellent job, very pleasing to look at and quick to load and move round in. J.

  Pesala 18:35 08 Apr 2003

click here

However, to get back to this thread. Do you like my idea? Any suggestions on how to improve it? How can I link to programs on my hard drive?

  spikeychris 18:35 08 Apr 2003

Pesala, we did an outside broadcast from the Maharishi transcendental dome in Skelmersdale in Lancashire. Its an amazing building, have you been there?


  Pesala 18:56 08 Apr 2003

The Hindus, Sikhs, and Moselms have built some impressive temples in the UK, we Buddhists are lagging behind a bit in that regard. The Thai Temple in Wimbledon is quite impressive click here and they have recently built a new meditation hall at Amaravati Buddhist Centre click here, but one has to go to Asia to see the most impressive Buddhist architecture.

Personally, I am wary of such efforts. The Buddha gained enlightenment under a tree. Your average tree is more beautiful than any temple yet built.

click here

However, to get back to this thread. Do you like my idea? Any suggestions on how to improve it? How can I link to programs on my hard drive?

  Djohn 18:58 08 Apr 2003

Yes, your link at 18:35 leads to the second thread about your temp. site! If you notice, I posted about the difference the changes you had made, and how they had improved the site immensely.

Still can't find the first thread though, but seeing that the site has been taken down, it no longer matters, hope I haven't confused you too much, and once again, thanks for your link. J.

PS. No, I can't help with any ideas on the link to hard drive, and the site looks fine as it is, but no doubt as you go along, you will make changes, if only to keep up to date, and from what I see so far, You do not need any help, your doing fine. Best wishes. J.

  Pesala 21:39 08 Apr 2003

I didn't have much joy with adding programs. Not much point anyway since they are on my taskbar. Just curious to see if it could be done.

Instead, I added the BBC Evening/Lunchtime News, Latest News bulletin, and a few favourite websites. Since my Home-made Home Page is on my hard drive, it loads instantly even if the connection happens to be down.

I now have three columns of links in different categories, PC Forums, Religious Forums, and Websites. One click takes me straight to my favourite link. Yes, I know, you can do that from favourites, but it takes at least two clicks, and some searching. Much more customisable than the Yahoo Home Page.

  Uncle Den 16:01 09 Apr 2003

I'm interested in publishing a website in the pubvlic domain so that anyone searching for my name or Freelance Writer will find it - as we do the others. I've written it and saved it in HMTL but haven't a clue as to how to launch it. I have a website on an AOL Homepage click here - but there's no way this will come up unless you know the address. Anyone help me to "go public" I'm very new to all this... as you might have guessed!

  Pesala 16:56 09 Apr 2003

Uncle Den

Though this thread might seem the ideal place to post your message, you would be much better off starting a thread of your own titled "Getting my Website into the Public Domaain." That way you are much more likely to get useful replies, and if you have your email options set correctly (see Update Details on the yellow bar at the top) you will be notified by email as soon as someone replies to your question.

I haven't made concerted efforts to promote my website, apart from informing contacts of its presence. There are ways to get it recognised by search engines like Google. Someone on he forum will be able to offer lots of useful advice.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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