Home Hub3 limited connectivity

  bremner 20:37 05 May 2013

I have had the BT HH3 for more than six months. For no obvious reason the device suddenly dropped wireless connection to some of my devices; HP wireless Printer sat right next to it, an Android Samsung S2 phone and a Toshiba Vista laptop. All of these devives had connected with no problem since the router was first installed.

IPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Apple TV, PS3 and HP desktop no problem.

The laptop continuously reported "limited connectivity" whist he other two simply could not connect.

I tried every fix I could find on the net without success. I contacted BT and they reluctantly sent a new router.

Guess what same problem with the three devices.

Nothing has changed in respect of anything interfering with the signal. Any suggestion please.

  Woolwell 20:45 05 May 2013

Same SSID as before?

Have your tried changing router channel?

Tried deleting from problem devices any memory of previous connection and trying to connect from new?

  northumbria61 20:46 05 May 2013

Try changing the Wireless channel in your Home Hub settings - It may be set to "Automatic" - this is what BT suggest in your settings info.

If you're still experiencing problems, change the channel setting from 'Automatic' to a new specific channel and as a guide we recommend selecting channel 1, 6 or 11, then click 'Apply'. (Again, you'll need to wait approximately two minutes for your Hub to pick the new channel.)

  Nontek 21:03 05 May 2013

Have you tried simply resetting the HomeHub? Just disconnect or turn off Power then wait 30 seconds and re-connect power - then wait until all blue lights are steady again.

  rdave13 21:09 05 May 2013

bremner , can you actually log in to the router? I couldn't with my sis in law's BT hub and using the proper name and password.

BT no help.

  bremner 21:22 05 May 2013

Thanks for the replies.

I have changed both routers from auto to manual channel - no difference.

The SSID for each router is different ( the default).

Yes I can log into the router from the wireless devices hgat connect successfully or a wired desktop.

All previous connections deleted from the devices - no change.

  rdave13 21:27 05 May 2013

I have changed both routers, thought we were only talking about the Hub only?

  bremner 11:31 06 May 2013


Routers = BT Home Hub3 - I have the original and the replacement and have tried changing channels on both.

One thing I d not mention, I have a Linksys traveller router and if I connect that to to an ethernet port on the BT Home Hub 3 everything connects fine to the Linksys wirelessly.

The problem is clearly with the wireless on the HH3 but neither I nor BT can work out what it is.

  Woolwell 11:37 06 May 2013

Long shot - is it a dual band problem?

  bremner 13:55 06 May 2013

I don't think the HH3 is dual band it is only 2.4Ghz

  bremner 19:34 06 May 2013


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