home hub v2 or voyager 2110

  jolorna 09:18 19 Nov 2008

started using adsl max yesterday with bt, i didn't have the home hub before it was enabled so up to now using voyager 2110, the home hub has arrived now will the connection be any better using the hub, and if so should i wait untill the 10 days training is up before connecting the hub

  Technotiger 09:44 19 Nov 2008

Personally I would set-up the HomeHub. I have the same HomeHub V2, it is great, and the extra cordless phone is useful, as well as giving you cheaper calls depending on what BT Option you have. I have Option 3. You do not need to wait, better if you do it now.

  Technotiger 09:45 19 Nov 2008

Ooops - sorry, I have Version 1.5, but your Version 2.0 is even better.

  jolorna 10:51 19 Nov 2008

thanks for your reply i have only got option 1 as i had only been using 2gig a month and my highest was 5gig over a period of 5 months i was on ip stream 2000 before which would give me 20gig, so saving some pennies pluss they did me a deal as well for the changeover, so a extra bonus again, should i change toteh hub now or wait untill teh 10 days are up

  jolorna 11:02 19 Nov 2008

sorry didn't read your reply properly where you said do it now so i will tick resolved thanks for your help

  Technotiger 11:42 19 Nov 2008

You're welcome. Cheers.

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