Home build?

  geoffinhedon 15:11 20 Feb 2003

Just wondering whats involved in a self build project. I am thinking about having a go to try and create an economical and at the same time very up to date computer for general purpose , not games particularly
I have until now relied on ready made or bespoke units
But I intend to select and source the various components and try to ensure the optimum match on all the parts neede.
Any thoughts on this would be appreciated
Must be many people who have successfully done a project like this.

  jazzypop 15:27 20 Feb 2003

Sadly, the words 'economical' and 'self-build' do not go together nowadays. The bulk-purchasing discounts that most suppliers can achieve will generally mean that pre-assembled PCs will be cheaper.

There are several alternative routes - is there a good local shop that you can go to, talk to them about your exact requirements, and see what prices they will charge?

Or click here and use the 'build-your-own' option.

With any of the above options, you will save yourself a huge amount of time and potential grief. Identifying each required component, sourcing at a good price, assembling, troubleshooting etc can be a nightmare for the novice, especially if each supplier says 'it's their component that is incompatible with mine, not mine with theirs'.

None of the above is intended to deprive you of the huge amount of satisfaction that comes from assembling your own PC - but you did ask what was involved in building your own :)

Don’t forget guarantees and the cost of a new licence for Windows.

See click here for one of many home-build sites on the Web

  ton 15:50 20 Feb 2003

I built for the first time about a year ago. Very pleased and no regrets. I learnt a lot and I'm sure the PC is better than I would have got for the money. The main thing is that I know what is inside. A lot of people buy ready built and are disappointed when they find out what is (or isn't) in the case. If you just want a very basic PC, the ready built option is cheaper.

  MalcSP 16:36 20 Feb 2003

will help you build your own under their supervision. You buy the components under their advice and from them and end up with a computer that you know. The guarantee is of the parts only but they are very often more than one year and can be as much as ten years! Ask around!

  Beas-Knees 19:32 20 Feb 2003

Like Ton i built my first system just over a year ago and have since built several others for friends and family.Sorry Jazzypop i don't agree that you can buy ready built cheaper than home build,manufacturers have to make a profit on the components,building up the system and offering a guarantee and backup.Go for it geoffinhedon. P.S. Is the Hedon in your name the one near Hull as i live near there and would be willing to help you if you decide to go along the build your own route.

  AudioVic' 11:39 23 Feb 2003

Just to add, Eclipse Computers have some very good merchandise and money savers!

No I am not employed by or have anything to do with Eclipse, apart from being very satisfied with their service!

All the best!

  shandykid 12:10 23 Feb 2003

I asked the similar question yesterday evening and was give some good advice. As was pointed out to me, PC Advisor did a 3 issue spread on how to build your own PC. You can buy a pdf version of the articles (3 pounds 50p) from this website.
Jazzypop also offered some good tips.
Good Luck.

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