Hold on a bit please PCadvisor.

  JIM 16:03 11 Feb 2004

I have been busy trying to answer your,

URGENT: Critical flaw found in Windows and "you have closed the thread"

Don't like wasting my time even if it is not up to standard :) sos iam posting.

I take PC Advisors word that it is a “massive security hole” in the MS Company’s OS.

I read once again there was a problem of security during the early hours while online, I really did not pay to much attention until the automatic update arrived a few hours later. This indicated to me that it may be more serious than I had first thought.

(I also remember the MS Blaster well)

Security problems with an OS and who ever it affects, appears far too often for what-ever the reason. Users seem to spend more time with protection to there systems and updates for security than enjoying a product they purchased. Expected considering what could possibly happen and the hassle to put it right.

Win XP was bought by the consumer in my view as an OS that was far in-advance of any thing that came before. “Security and Stability” were the selling points often quoted; an OS that would let us sit back and it would take care of most problems. This is true in some respect but still needing to be topped up with extra input by the user if wise.

Who's to blame! Or should it be the case of "WHO Owns Up."

Producing software and the opportunity that can cause havoc by unknowns with that software while collecting large amounts of profit from the consumer in this era year after year is becoming the norm. We Joe public always ready to invest large amounts of money for pleasure or work will never learn by past mistakes from big business. We are gullible to the end. But what choice do we have?

Man went to the moon and back on a lot less software with a reasonable feeling of security and confidence in a product. Sometimes just sometimes, less of something directed to a particular need would be a better way to go. Will those days come back?

  Lozzy 16:33 11 Feb 2004

Ever Bought something new and not had any teething issues.. Well I am not agreeing or condoning but every man and his dog are trying to topple Microsoft. Without Bill Gates we would not have the PC as we know it. So give MS a break at least they sort the issues out quickly. If you don't like Windows then there are other OS out there or give the Mac a try.

A scenario, to consider. If Porche sell 1000 cars a year and have 2 cars that have problems does that make Porche a bad manufacturer? As apposed to Ford who sell 10000 cars and have a 100 that are faulty? Who is the worst of the two?? I rest my case.

  Jester2K 16:53 11 Feb 2004

Point 1- "Without Bill Gates we would not have the PC as we know it. So give MS a break at least they sort the issues out quickly."

Yes it might not be as buggy, bloated or monopolistic. Then again it might be worse. Your statement doesn't prove anything on its own as we don't know what might have happened had BG and MS not existed.

Point 2 - The Scenario to consider. Pointless scenario. In Microsoft's case they sell 1000 cars and they ALL have the same fault. If it was a case that only a few % were effected then the scenario would be valid but as MS faults affect nearly 100% of the PCs the OS is installed on then this makes your scenario invalid.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:54 11 Feb 2004

The definition of 'over-reaction', methinks.


  JIM 16:57 11 Feb 2004

dont mind your reply or any one else,

but as i was trying to reply to a thread to PCadvisor which unknow to me they had closed when trying to post my opinion on there topic.

You maybe directing your post/opinion without seeing the original thread.

URGENT: Critical flaw found in Windows
posted by PC Advisor. on Wed, 11.02.2004

  R4 17:01 11 Feb 2004

NO Software is ever 100% Bug free or secure.

Jester2K << Point 1->> It was down to IBM and their PC that 'PC Dos - MS Dos' (rippoff of CPM) became prominent.

  Jester2K 17:06 11 Feb 2004

R4 - sorry not fully "au fait" with the story myself.

CPM ??

A quick but not too long explaination would be appreciated (via e-mail to stop this being a long and boring thread)

  Lozzy 17:25 11 Feb 2004

Opps Didn't mean to offend

So Appologies to all wrist's trully slapped..

GANDALF <|:-)> your right..

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