Ho do I clean the insode of comp ?

  woofwoofbark 08:31 08 Mar 2006

Hi , I recently added a HD to my system , upon opening the side panel I noticed that the components were covered in ( what I can only describe as ) 'gunk' , how do I clean this , please dont say 'sponge and hot soapy water' haha , but seriously what can I do ? I smoke , my mates that come round smoke and im pretty sure my 14 month old puppy has a fly cig too .....

Hope someone can help ( and yeah I should give up the ciggies )



  Batch 08:35 08 Mar 2006

CAREFULLY, is the best answer.

Other than that you can try a vacuum cleaner and/or a feather duster.

  Totally-braindead 10:51 08 Mar 2006

What I do is switch off at the mains, remove the cover, get a clean unused paint brush and loosen all the build up then hoover it all out. Two things you must be very careful of, do not let any part of the hoover actually touch the components as static can kill most PC bits and if you're using one of the new Dyson type hoovers be very careful as they give so much suction they can suck the components off the board or at least loosen them.

  namtas 11:16 08 Mar 2006

The advice normally is to blow away all of the dust using a dry source of air, special air canister are made for the purpose, Some people have successfully used a vacuum cleaner but use have to be careful not to cause mechanical damage or problems with static that I am told can be created by fast air movement.
I find removing the case to some outside location and using that a small blower is very successful.
However this is all for normal applications and you do not have a normal application, the tar residue that you describe as gunk is nicotine residue and is not removable generally without some type of solvent, you will do more damage than you solve if you try that method to clean. Unfortunately through time you will suffer problems if left, as possible tracking will take place across boards.

Solutions: - Stop smoking; Stop smoking in the room where the computer is, or if none of these possible fit additional filtering (but care needed)
Reposition the computer and your puppy in another room.

  Fingees 14:17 08 Mar 2006

Recommend the soft new paint brush, about 1/2" wide.

Now you know what your lungs must be like.

All the best.

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